iPhone 6s Review: After 2 Months!

Is Apple’s newest offering worth it? iPhone 6s Full Review!

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The iPhone 6s boats a new 12 MP camera with 4k video, a 3D Touch retina display, the A9 processor, iOS 9, a new color option and more – but is it worth it over the Galaxy S6, Moto X, OnePlus X and more?

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39 Comments on iPhone 6s Review: After 2 Months!

  1. Correct review. No better or worse than a Android flagship, just different. Had an iPhone 4 and 5 but got myself a Galaxy s6 since it was about half the price of the iPhone 6s. Madness

  2. Excelent!! Excelent review man. I've wached some hours of youtube videos. Some of them made by people that don't even know how to talk. Your's is the best by far. Congratulations and subscribed… :)

  3. 11th iPhone but not 11 Generations ,..there is only 9 generations
    iPhone 2G , 3G , 3Gs , 4 , 4s , 5 , 5s ,6 , 6s ,… 5c is the same iPhone 5 Gen , 6Plus is the same iPhone 6 Gen , 6sPlus its the same iPhone 6s Gen

    and nice Review BTW
    but i only wanted to comment about the 11th iPhone word :D

  4. Apple is Always true to their it just works….while Android stays true to their "It just quirks." Thanks for a Very easy video without the "specking" us to death

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