iPhone 6s Review

iPhone 6s Rose Gold Review // Since the iPhone 6s release, you’ll notice there isn’t much different from the iPhone 6 in design, but the iPhone 6s does have some great new features and functionalities. My top 3 favourite features of the iPhone 6s are in this video. Will you upgrade to the iPhone 6s?

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  1. i have an iPhone 4 right now but i may be getting a 6s for my birthday! I do love taking photos and videos but it the 64 worth the extra money than the 16? Thanks x

  2. Love your videos and thank you for all the information on how to make videos for You Tube. I would like to know if I can use my Tablet for all the things you do in your Laptop?

  3. +Sunny lenarduzzi: Firstly – Wishing you, a Beautiful, Rocking& Smashing New Year of 2016. Hope it brings loads of happiness for you& your loved ones :). Would appreciate if you could please go ahead and do some review for Lumia 950 OIS Vs. IPhone 6s Plus OIS, Samsung Galaxy Note5 OIS & LG – V10 OIS Review.

  4. I don't get it. Camera is hardly iPhone's strong point. 4K videos, lowlight strengths give me a break, Lumias have been blowing iPhones in Camera comparisons for some generations now and the current gen is no different. Same is the case with Live Images which has been there in Lumias for over an year now. Apple just lifted that feature.
    Also you called the 3d touch amazing let me ask you in what sense, is it any different than the long press functionality. To me this is typical review of an iPhone by an ignorant Apple user. Sorry to say this.

  5. its a decent phone for sure… i got it but just because I get three upgrades a year anyways…next phone will be an android then after that the iPhone 7 should be out and i will get that. Nice video.

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