iPhone 6s Review!

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In this video let’s take a close look at Apple’s latest iPhone 6S and see if its worth your time and attention, all you need to know about Apple’s latest flagship!!!

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37 Comments on iPhone 6s Review!

  1. no need to defend the comparisons with android. infact comparison is important to make an informative and smart choice. (p.s. from next time pls specifically compare the camera with android flagships)
    great review!

  2. i own an iphone 6 and i think it is better than 6s coz 6s has a smaller battery but lots of things like force touch and bigger( faster) processor which surely eat away all the battery and leaves shit. its not worth all that hype and money moreover the whole company isnt gud. il tell u why.i got a massive dent on my i6 but they said it will not be repaired and il have to pay them 26k to get a new one . if i had broken a samsung then they would have just asked to pay for the broken part not the whole device. samsung is finally more trustworthy than apple and i wont buy apple again.
    moral of the story dont buy and apple unless u find gold burried under ur house

  3. Just stop talking bull shit when you don't understand the technology. iPhone never speak about their RAM or battery man. That is what only losers like samsung and LG talk about. iPhone has got an amazing 64 bit 3rd Gen chipset which your daddy Mr Samsung would copy in a couple of years.

  4. as soon as ur iphones camera is on ur face just turns towards left n u wer just about to pout 😀 evrytime ahahahaha xD jokes aprt nice review but i ll stick wid my iphone 6 as u said 😀 cheers

  5. Great job i have been an iOS user ever since the 1st Gen and have always had and have a secondary Android (Samsung) and you hit the buzzer on this one. There are in so many ways that one can compare the two operating systems but we hardly hear anyone talk about "consistency". By the way its like a battle between the singular and the rest of the world whereas iOS=Apple Android=Rest of the world……

  6. Ash bro i am a big fan of your vedeos i like the how you review products and i watch every single vedeo 2 time ,and i just wanted to ask you a question related to technology ,should i buy an iphone 5s i am getting it in 25k should go for it i want to use it for 1 year please reply this question really important for me

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