iPhone 6s Review

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The iPhone 6s is the latest iPhone to come from Cupertino. While the “s” updates don’t usually bring huge changes, Apple seems to make a big deal about this one. With 3D Touch, Touch ID 2.0, a new camera, and a much more powerful CPU, the new iPhone 6s is practically a new device! But does it feel new? Check out our full review above!

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48 Comments on iPhone 6s Review

  1. I just recently ordered my iPhone 6plus in silver , and I'm kinda excited. I always had an android device , from Samsung to lg , to that cheap ass blu. I'm excited to finally have an iPhone. It should arrive today !!! 

  2. Great video review Marco. I think it's worth the upgrade. I had a 6 and I've totally noticed a change with the hardware, it's way smoother and more responsive!

  3. This phone is so fast!!!! Lovin it!!! The reviewer is a bit whiny and sounds so boring tech head so used to tech he's missing the novelty and beauty of the phone. Sad

  4. iPhone specs are the worst in the whole world…. You basically pay only for the brand… But the pro side is that the OS is customized to the phones needs… But that's the only thing… Everything else sucks

  5. Couldn't disagree more about the camera. Samsung phones in general take over saturated photos and video. Please don't confuse saturated colour for improved detail. Thumbs down sorry.

  6. I know a lot of Android users say Apple is not innovative but 3D Touch is going to add to iOS. I suspect that several Android manufacturers are preparing their copies. I have an iPhone 6 Plus and it is very fast with 6.2 Beta so I am not sure about upgrading, however the extra RAM swings it for me. Even if you don't like the iPhone you have to credit them. The S6Edge Plus has 50% more battery than the 6s plus yet lasts 33% less. The RAM in the iPhone is half that of the Samsung but it manages to multi-task much better. It has two cores where as Samsung has eight yet day to day usage matches or betters the Samsung (especially gaming). Yes it may not have a 2k screen, amoled, or the best camera, but the screen is still up there with the best and the camera is as good as 90% of users need. I cannot call it the best smartphone anymore as there are so many brilliant examples from Android and now Microsoft, but I must say that they still lead the way in software optimisation and innovation.

  7. Both 3d touch and force touch is the EXACT same technology. Please get your facts right, force touch on Macbooks can register different level of pressure.

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