iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gaming Performance Comparison

In this video, we will do a gaming performance comparison between the iPhone 6S Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We will compare the launch and load times of the following 4 games:

Dead Trigger 2
Modern Combat 5 Single Player
Modern Combat 5 Multiplayer
Real Racing 3

We will also check to see which one offers higher frame rates and frame rate stability.

Full S7 Edge vs 6S Plus Comparison: https://youtu.be/EUOg-wU4BgI

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37 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gaming Performance Comparison

  1. iphones are better than most android phones when it comes to gaming simply because of the fact that the display is only 720p which is enough compared to 4k or 1080p in most new android phones. Also because of the amazing storage technology in the iphone. BUT there are android phones that can beat iphones in gaming such as the Nvidia shield tablet

  2. s7s cpu ram gpu ia better than 6s
    but the gpu is 2k on s7
    and 720p on 6s so it runs much smoother
    games are pure gpu
    no matter if the cpu is massive on the s7
    the gpu is very important for games
    so its slower on s7 even if it has better gpu

  3. No matter how many facts, no matter how many tests, no matter your opinion on the matter, there will always be fanboys that will bust your as son matter, I am personally an android fan, but the iPhone clearly won there, people in the comments say "The iPhone has better hardware, that's why it won!" That is literally the fucking point, the Android lost to the iPhone in this section of performance, and while it may do better in other areas, just accept the fact that iPhone won here… My god

  4. this motherfucker use the s7 slow and he tried to convince us that the s7 is so slow and is not true all he said because I saw other videos about the s7 and the s7 is so faster.

  5. here is another annoying thing that is on these ( Apple iPhone screens )not only is the resolution in PPI not as close to Flagship Android phones.

    The RETNA display has a noticeable defect just like LCDs!! I'm surprised nobody picked up on it and this defect is not ON S AMOLED screens that are on Superior phone such as the Galaxy S7 Edge


    To fix the problem they have special features on televisions called motion to help the problem, they've tried to fix it by making LCDs with a 120hz, 240hz but they cost a lot more money!! And it still does not completely fix the wiring problem… talk about Annoying for playing games!!!

    That's why they used to say plasma TVs were better for sports and action because there's no (motion blur)

    THATS RIGHT one of the things that plagues LCDs. Also plagues the RETNA display. All you have to do is scroll back and forth between the home screen pages and it's highly evident!! Not on the Galaxy S7 Edge!

    This problem is highly evident playing games, watching movies, and navigating on the retina display. everybody wants to nitpick Android FOR FEW SECONDS EXTRA LAUNCHING GAMES WHICH IS NOTHING AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PREFORMANCE. THE MOTION BLUR is a big problem(TRUE GAMERS AND SPORTS PEOPLE HATE IT ON TVS!! THERE IS EVEN A SETTING ON TVS CALLED GAMING TO HELP!! THIS IS A HORRIBLE PROBLEM ON IPHONES ). in my opinion annoys the living hell out of me!!! I guess you wouldn't notice it if you didn't come from a superior screen like like Flagship Androids!! Not only is APPLS picture not as sharp but you have to deal with that blurring effect with anything that has action!!

    in my shop where I fix phones, computers Electronics I've done extensive testing with Flagship Samsung, Android phones and Apple phones…

    comparing the Galaxy S7 heads to the iPhone 6s plus there is no competition everybody is already who live with each phone fix the Galaxy s 7 edge. After experiencing The Unbelievable resolution in screen of the Galaxy S7 Edge with the innovation Edge part that makes it feel like it's popping out at you almost a 3d effect with its beautiful colors in Superior Hardware and software..

    450 PPI and up is considered life like for a display on the Galaxy S7 Edge has 534 PPI!! iPhone 6s plus only 401 ppi with a average 1080p screen (IT MAKES a BIG DIFFRENCE!!

    The S7 Edge 6 the iPhones but pretty much every category but that's for another review even though tons of people have experienced it already Apple Fanboys and exports

    major motion blur FLAW on the retina. APPLE display

    So in my shop using the iPhone 6s Plus noticing a very obvious MOTION BLUR. When navigating left her right scrolling up and down through emails up and down ETC..

  6. Why game launching slightly slower to load on Android….

    ***So this puts everything to REST.. Android getting a bad rap for this Ridiculousness launching games slightly slower LOL..

    So Slightly slower game launching because true computer operating system, pushing an unbelievably high resolution screen, in programmers haven't caught up 2 quad core and outer core optimization!! THERE IS MORE!!

    S7 EDGE 534 PPI (SEE BELOW LIFE LIKE) why almost nobody can put the phone down compared to the Apple iPhone 6s plus. Apple refuses to go high on the PPI because they would have to redesign their hardware and software to support such Superior screen performance. And then they couldn't legally steal from you and maximize their profits.. overcharging you for their featureless underpowered phones..

    PPI Range Quality Perceived
    100-150 Poor
    150-200 Acceptable
    200-250 Good
    250-300 Very good
    300-350 Excellent
    350-450 Eye popping
    450+ Life like. (S7 EDGE 534 PPI) ADD EDGE, AND S AMOLED SCREEN . You got the funnest most enjoyable phone experience on the planet… I WILL TAKE (LIFE LIKE ) FOR SLIGHTLY SLOWER LAUNCHING GAMES 6 DAYS A WEEK AND TWICE ON SUNDAY!!! The most important thing is looking at your screen and how enjoyable it is hello people!!

    The bottom line in this article even though it's a little bit older atricle below talking about the android Dalvik Vs the apple os 64 BIT. NOTE : ANDROID NOW USES ART that is now 64 BIT OS!! It's Just in baby stages it's going to get better is programmers catch up..

    Basically the consensus is APPLE launch games SLIGHTLY faster. But it has no effect on game performance and in some ways the way Android does it give you better game performance..

    ** THE TRUTH there are things that are faster and slower.. using each operating system.. the gaming is most noticeable to people so that's what they complain about it. there are many things that faster doing it Android way…

    I'll take the advantages of gaming performance, a full-featured operating system , fully customizable the best hardware and software, Superior features, screens , cameras , ahead of its time the Galaxy S7 Edge and Flagship Android phones over a slight delay Advantage launching a game that has no effect on actual gameplay.

    And like I've said many times programmers have not caught up to quad core and Octa Core yet cus average games have to be played on all types of phones. Galaxy S7 Edge / Android has you covered with the best hardware and software waiting for programmers to catch up…

    Also note the article as it mentions there are more advantages using the Android system..

    SEE BLOW!!!

    Android apps are compiled to bytecode by the developer. Bytecode is a compact representation of the program: smaller than the source code written by the programmer, but still not directly executable by the CPU. Some optimizations, such as dead code removal, can be made at this stage.

    When you load the app on a device, the Dalvik JVM compiles the bytecode to native executable code, just as it's about to run. This is just-in-time compilation. It causes a brief slow-down while the program waits to be compiled, but after that there's no performance overhead, because the code has been compiled to native executable code.

    There are some performance advantages to doing it this way instead of compiling up-front on the developer's computer. The app can be compiled for the particular CPU on the phone, taking advantage of its hardware features and using its performance characteristics. For example, it can use hardware floating-point operations if the CPU supports it. In addition, a clever JIT compiler (admittedly, Dalvik is not quite this clever) can monitor the way the program runs, and perform optimizations based on the way the program is used in real use. It might recompile the code with better branch hinting once it has seen which options are turned on and off in your environment, on your phone. An up-front compiler doesn't have this information to use.

    Dalvik uses the Dalvik cache and other techniques to mitigate the drawbacks of JIT compilation. The new JVM for Android L and later, ART, replaces the JIT entirely with anahead-of-timecompiler. This compiles the bytecode to native executable code when theapp is installed, to get most of the advantages of JIT without the delay loading the app.

    Don't forget that Android apps don't entirely consist of Java. Developers have the NDK to write all or part of their apps in C or C++, for performance-critical parts of the app, especially for games. Special-purpose interfaces like OpenGL and Renderscript let programmers take advantage of special hardware like the GPU and SIMD coprocessor for some kinds of computation.

    Using JIT instead of up-front compilation makes some things faster, some things slower. It's just one part of the overall performance of the OS.


    CASE CLOSE NOW NOW SHUTTIE, THE MOUTH WITH THIS MEANINGLESS CRAP… trying to hold on to the last thing Apple thinks they have left. reaching as much as they can LOL…

  7. i see nobody ever gives a chance for the S7 to prove itself. guys just wait the phone just came out, so app developers are optimising their games to work with the new vulcan api. so give them a chance and don't judge quickly on s7. you see when Metal api came out on iPhone 6 it took time for app developers to optimise their game, as days passed you started to see more games included in (games made for metal) category in app store. So be patient and wait for the S7 to unleash the power stored.

  8. Iphone 6+ Is running at a lower resolution that'll impact game performance. And to make the test real fair, how about de-bloating the software that came with the samsung…. aswell as the ram managment.

    Iphone uses faster storage too, there's your answer to your loading times.. but good luck holding all your apps, music, vids, pics, and pirated files … the last one was a joke, Iphone don't have that much functionality.

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