iPhone 6s Plus Review: The Best S Model Yet

This is the new iPhone. 2015 being an S year, it’s a lot like the old iPhone – but with a new operating system and the biggest interface uprade in Apple’s history, this year’s iPhone isn’t as simple as its forerunners. Find out what that added complexity brings –and get a guided tour of Apple’s new 3D Touch– in Pocketnow’s iPhone 6s Plus review!

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29 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus Review: The Best S Model Yet

  1. all say that apple is bad but test it before u say it suck. i was like that once but i bought it and see if that was true. so i say its not. i like the iphone and i have MacBook Air made by those who made iphone. so i cant wait until i but iphone 6s. i like 6s more idk why

  2. apple is so clever taking our money! :Pis like a beautiful Stripper…you pay her everytime you go to that strip club…but you never ever get the full "package", but yet, you still go back to her!!!  :)

  3. I just can't wait for the day the iPhone design changes for once. It's a great phone, yes, but the design gets a bit boring. It's been the same for years. Sigh.

  4. This is way to pricey. It costs almost $700. My shih tzu is only at $300. Apple really knows how to get money from people, i could actually buy new clothes and foods with that, or even buy a new pet ._.

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