iPhone 6s Plus Review by an Android Fanboy

? The iPhone 6s Plus reviewed by an Android fanboy – In this iPhone 6s Plus review, I go over my thoughts as an Android fanboy and test the iPhone 6s Plus camera, battery life, performance, iOS 9 and 3D touch – iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Nexus 6P comparison videos coming soon!

? iPhone 6s Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 vs Nexus 6P 4K Video Comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-1cIAxKm4I

? iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing by an Android Fanboy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_bgpu1A5Gw

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47 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus Review by an Android Fanboy

  1. I have tried both sides, I prefer iphone in performance, but I prefer android in tweaking. the fun stuff I do in an android phone is instaling custom rom, using different theme (including iphone ish style theme). but the performance only last a few years. in Iphone I like the smoothness, the simplicity of display and the gaming of course. but I dont like the restriction.

    so, both have it's ups and downs. nothing is perfect (if it's made by human). so I'm glad to have both

  2. I have to decide between the z5 compact and iPhone se. I prefer the z5c if it can cope up with the speed and performance of the se if not be faster than the se. The fact that z5c runs android makes me think over, won't it lag? is it trustable? after all its android. don't get me wrong, I might be an android fanboy but I certainly like it over ios, but I'm always scared of that one question. what if android lags?

  3. I'm actually thinking about changing OS'es myself. Been an Android user since the S3. And I do own the S7 and recently gotten an IPhone 5S to play with. I'm trading it in for an SE and when the 7 comes out I will decide what to stick with the coming years.
    I am having fun with an entirely new ecosystem, IOS, and the change is welcome.

  4. Had a 6 for a change and it was a good phone but it become very boring after a while for someone who likes full control and play around with his smartphone. Some things are just missing or cumbersome. So got back to Android and still not regret it.

  5. Apple is American, Android uses Asian phone brands for flagships . Don't support Asians (Samsung , Sony, Zte etc ) they can't be trusted hence Android can't be trusted. Only buy Apple .

  6. Look, I don't like Apple just for the hell of it. I don't like it for many reasons. I think the OS is boring and it doesn't offer enough features and options to me. It's not customizable like Android. It doesn't feel personable to me, etc… And if you think that I'm gonna buy an iPhone because it's fashionable or cool or it's a status symbol, or whatever, I don't care what people think or do.

  7. I used to have android devices for the last 6 years. Then i thought that it would be nice to give the lumia 920 a chance… Awesome device but WP was bad :(. Now i got an iphone 5s because i wanted a smaller phone than my htc one m8 and i love the look of it. The buildt quality and materials feel a little bit better on my iphone than on the m8 or the m9 (for me). And i have to say that also the sound quality of phone calls on the iphone is better than on any android phone i had. In terms of UI i like both and since the google account is pretty perfect integrated to ios i can switch from on UI to another in 2 minutes. The iphone also wins when it comes to battery life.

  8. My friend's 6S has AWFUL battery life. I know the plus has a bigger battery but comparing his review with that of the Plus I'd say the small one is a MUST AVOID.
    I'd love if you could do a vid on what you're missing/gaining from leaving Android. I LOVE Android but terrible battery life is making me question my allegiance.

  9. Common sense people!! These company's don't give a shit about you they just want money!! It's dumb to suck a company's dick, glad to see this man had the balls to step away from his confront zone and try something nieuw and also be honest about it. Also for the people saying "android fanboy using Mac" ARE THERE ANNY ANDROID COMPUTERS ? .. Thought so ?. Have a nice day y'all.

  10. You're the first android user that's really done an honest review on an iPhone. Even though you'd prefer likewise, you still manage to give a pretty good review of the 6s without completely bashing the phone. I'm going to subscribe now. Nice channel.

  11. I enjoy both android and iOS. They both have features that I enjoy! When I got my iPhone 6s Plus, I also really wanted the Galaxy s7 edge and still do. Which I could add it to my plan but yeah… Anywho, thank you for not totally bashing the iPhone with bias preferences. First channel that I have seen be this open minded! Great video!

  12. I used to be an apple fan boy back when the 4S came out, it was my first smart phone and just thought android were laggy crap things. Until my contract ended and I decided to get an S4 and never looked back. Now I have a note 4 waiting for the note 6 to come out.

    Personally I don't think Iphones are crap as they still do things androids can do like web browsing and games etc and do em pretty well. But android takes the edge being more customizable even with simple things like being able to place app icons exactly where you want them on your home screen. Sure iphones are simple but didn't find android any more complex except that there's more features to discover but it's not like you have to use them. Plus with things like getting music on the phone is a pain in the backside with iphone as Itunes is the only way unless you use a 3rd party app in which case you can only listen to the song using that app and not the default ios music app. Android on the other hand I can download mp3's straight from the phones web browser and it'll appear in any music app I have installed on it without having to do anything else.

    Not to sure on the 3D touch thing pretty cool bit of tech but don't see much use for it and can't see how it's any different from a long click on any other device only way it'll be useful is in apps like garage band with the piano or drums and they get louder the harder you hit them but this is a feature already on older iphones as it works on tap speed.

  13. I have a pretty unbiased opinion on phones. I have 2 phones myself, an iPhone as my daily and an android phone for backup or tinkering. I used to own a G3 for my daily but that had problems with the overheating from the display which was gorgeous for VR and content consuming. I had to stick to iPhone as I have bought into the Eco system quite a while ago and I felt like it was going to waste. the iPhone OS is designed to work efficiently hence why it doesn't need more than 2 cores and 1GB of RAM though it does to show that sometimes more RAM can benefit in multi-tasking as shown in the iPad air and the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Android is a fantastic OS with lots of customization and a very open OS designed to work with a lot of manufacturers.

  14. The only reason I prefer android over apple is expandable storage. most of apple phones comes with 16gb and if you want 32 or 64 you have to pay way too much. In that much money you can buy almost 2 super fast 200GB sd cards

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