iPhone 6s Plus Review! (Apple 2015 iPhone 6s Plus 128gb Space Grey Review)

iPhone 6s Plus review! Review of Apple’s new 2015 iPhone 6s Plus 128gb Space Grey smartphone which also comes in new Rose Gold!
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iPhone 6s Plus Bend Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1saRciwhxWc

How to enable iPhone 6s 4K video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4uFDwuAXtU

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31 Comments on iPhone 6s Plus Review! (Apple 2015 iPhone 6s Plus 128gb Space Grey Review)

  1. For me I am actually making the switch from a galaxy s4 to the iPhone 6s plus this coming febuary as a 2 year upgrade on verizon. I am excited on getting the larger phone cause the camera and battery are just better and I do make videos so this new camera will help a lot. I may get mine in 64gb though in space grey to match my iPad air 2.

  2. iPhone 6s plus 128 gb 128gb I really need a new phone it's cracked on the back and front cause I have the iPhone 4S 8gb I have no space for any games or photos every time I try the text somebody it lags and then crashes and says message not sent I've had it for 3 years really need a new phone lol

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