iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test With OtterBox Case & GIVEAWAY!

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OtterBox cases unboxing, first impression, review and drop test! GIVEAWAY!

Otterbox Defender & Statement!

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45 Comments on iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test With OtterBox Case & GIVEAWAY!

  1. Shit boss you can barely hold it in one hand lol!! Love otterbox just not practical for everyday use. I think now there are plenty of other alternatives besides otterbox. Just sucks that there so bulky and to big to keep in your pocket or a suit!

  2. seriously , wow I liked the way you threw you're phone as if you don't care if it breaks after the drop test…it's np use for me to join the giveaway as I don't have a phone .. I will be waiting for the next video..cases of the s7 edge..

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