iPhone 6S iOS 9.0.2 vs. iPhone 6 iOS 9.0.2 – Speed Test!

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It’s all about Apple iPhones these days. With the release of the Apple iPhone 6S it caught the attention of iPhone users worldwide. But is it better than its predecessor, iPhone 6 in terms of speed and performance? We are gonna find just that in this speed test.

The speed test, iPhone 6S vs iPhone 6 was conducted while both the devices were running iOS 9.0.2. Since the devices run the same OS, the question we need answers to will not be disturbed by OS versions. When the start button was pressed on both the smartphones at the same time, it was visible that the screen of iPhone 6 lighted up faster. But in terms of startup, the IPhone 6S was faster while the iPhone 6 took a few more extra seconds.

After connecting both iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6 to the same Wi-Fi, we tries opening up several other apps. Minor apps like the Phone app didn’t show much of a difference on loading.  When trying to open the same web page on the Safari App on both the phones, the iPhone 6S loaded the…

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