iPhone 6S Hands-On Review

It’s the S year for the iPhone which means all the changes happen on the inside—and there’s a lot of that on the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6S (and the 6S Plus) got the expected internal upgrades – a faster processor and more RAM. But there are two significant changes. An improved main camera (from 8 megapixels since the iPhone 4S, to 12 megapixels) and 3D Touch.

Watch our iPhone 6S Hands-On review for more.

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17 Comments on iPhone 6S Hands-On Review

  1. One thing that annoys me (seemingly this doesn't happen on other iPhones, maybe it's like a glitch on my iPhone, I have the iPhone 5, seemingly it doesn't happen on other 5's.) When I turn my phone off then back on then go straight into messages then click on the little box for a new message, soon as I click on the little box the new message comes up very, very slow and it's really laggy! It's honestly so annoying! I even took it to the Three store and they said "I wouldn't let that bother me" but it's so annoying! I am basically praying it doesn't happen when I get the 6s Plus. When I get the 6s Plus and when I always turn the phone on then go into messages and then click for a new message, I hope the new message comes up nice and fast without lagging. I so hope it doesn't happen when I get the 6s Plus. I went and tried it on the 6 Plus in Three, when I tried it on the 6 Plus it was on iOS 9 and the same happened, it came up really slow and laggy the way it does on my 5! I really wish it didn't happen cause it's so annoying! I don't know if this just happens on mine and cause that was on iOS 9 or what or if this happens on a lot of iPhones, but it's really annoying and like I said, I am so hoping it doesn't happen when I get my 6s Plus.

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