iPhone 6S Camera Review with Samples in 4K

iPhone 6s camera review with tons of sample pictures and video so that you can judge the camera performance the iPhone 6s has a 12MP rear facing / 5MP front facing camera and can also record 4K video with it’s rear facing camera.

My other videos on the iPhone 6S https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKOuXiEnbLB6VTV5vO3UYhPH

iPhone 6s goes on sale in India from 16 Oct you can pre-order via Amazon India http://amzn.to/1jYoN5W

28 Comments on iPhone 6S Camera Review with Samples in 4K

  1. Hello sir..loved ur informative video.
    i have 2 questions in my mind…1) y do my iphone 6s have fcc and some other symbols on the back side below the S logo while some dont have it.. 2) how to identify the manufacturer of my iphone 6s battery, as u hav said in your video there are 2 manufacturers one is samsung and one is other one..

  2. If I did not have the 6 I would get the 6s but since my iPhone 6 already takes great pictures I will keep it. Also the screen on the 6s is not 4K as the video is shot in. Since I don't have a 4K tv it would be pointless to get the phone because of the video and picture quality. Most apps still don't support the force touch either. Perhaps when the 7 comes out I may get that one. But by that time the 128 GB model will pry 1,500 off contract…

  3. Hey Ranjit love your videos man.. Great job!!! Does your phone have that "Self declaration" thing at the back? Also i could see FCC markings on your phone. Wasn't that removed by apple this time around because it wasn't mandatory??

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