iPhone 6S Boiling Hot Water Test! Will it Survive?

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Seems like the iPhone 6S has a new weird thing with water.

29 Comments on iPhone 6S Boiling Hot Water Test! Will it Survive?

  1. Dear TechRax, I call BS on every water resistant video you've made over iPhones, I believe you're being sponsored to do this, and that your "water resistant" iPhones have been tampered with, (EX, LIQUIPEL) I have dropped a 2 day old 6S inside a pool (WITH A NUUD LIFEPROOF CASE, MIND YOU) and 1 minute into the water? The screen started glitching and it shut off for good right away. Tried rice, letting it be, plugging it in, Apple Store. NOTHING turned it back on.

  2. Give me a phone please please I will advertise for Apple 5 years.. Give me a single phone…I am collecting money since 2011 to buy a single iPhone 4. But you fuck iPhones…. You are very lucky.. What I say

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