iPhone 6S and 6S Plus get 3D Touch, faster processors, better cameras

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CNET’s Scott Stein gets a hands-on first look at the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which feature a more sensitive, touch display screen, a zippier processor and more powerful cameras.

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40 Comments on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus get 3D Touch, faster processors, better cameras

  1. So we can just take oh 2 seconds to get to another app, but hey, let's just wait about 3 seconds and oh hey wait that's not the app, hold on… Okay there we go. There's the app we wanted

  2. Great Ad for Apple, left out a few minor points regarding the price and what you really get for your supposed low end low cost phone not to mention you have to give Apple great marks for still being able to take 3 to 5 year old tech and make the faithful believe that its new and they should pay a premium for it. They should come out and get the faithful buying by just once telling the truth, Still the worlds smallest memory, poorest battery, worst cell phone antenna placement, 3 year old camera tech and highest priced cloud cost, for the highest priced phone available , buy now, because next year you will have to get all new power adapters.

  3. I am a big apple fan. But I don't see anything special about any of the S models. 4s came with Siri… 5s came with a gold color. No the 6s comes with roles gold which looks pink & force touch that my watch has. I'll just wait for the 7. I actually miss my iPhone 5. That was the best iPhone for me. Only got the 6 because I switched to sprint.

  4. Yet two iOS updates after the fact and it will be back to phone crashing 3d touch not working ,pictures losing quality so you can get ready to buy the iPhone 7 and the process repeats it's self

  5. I am going to upgrade my galaxy s4 to the iPhone 6s white silver 64gb can't wait. Also good to know that it will have 2gb of ram and have pretty much the same specs as my iPad air 2.

  6. Guys this is an S upgrade, quit saying "I miss Steve"…Look back at previous models, every S model besides the 5s (which was under cook) looked almost exactly the same. The S models are performance, camera and typically one new feature… i.e. Retina display, touch-id, 3D touch… You can't make this mind blowing phone every generation, they have 10 months to design and create a phone. people are also saying how the s6 edge beats this…. please explain why? 3D touch is innovation, its new and seems to be useful. The s6 edge is a gimmick! Ooooooo look a "dual edge display". Its neat, but really serves no feature. The camera on this will be better the the s6. samsung crams pixels in and uses it for marketing to say "we have a higher megapixel camera". Hell the s6 and the note 5 LOST features lol. apple sells phones, samsung loses money and sales for two years in a row, and soon to be 3

  7. I think I am about to wait until the 7 on this one. Some cool new features but same battery as before? So now my phone will be dead in two hours as opposed to four.

  8. I own a 5s, and I'm not liking the design on most phones that is new now. iPhone 6 looks awful, so does galaxy phones. I think the Sony phones are sexy, and better.

  9. 3D Touch works somehow like Android "Now on tap" but from the screen itself , i think it will be updated to do general search like Now on Tap maybe b4 10% of Android users get the Android Marshmallow update lol

  10. 3D shots is useless and the stupid pen on the PRO. The cameras and A9 chip is the selling here. I'm sure apple is going to sell a lot of this not because is leading in tech but because of the good presentation and marketing involved

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