iPhone 6s 3D Touch Review: Potential Game Changer

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The 2nd video in my iPhone 6s Plus 2 week challenge! In this video I will be discussing and reviewing the 3D Touch feature included on the iPhone 6s.
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32 Comments on iPhone 6s 3D Touch Review: Potential Game Changer

  1. While 3D touch may be cool and useful I would never use it. For one my Note 5 pretty much has 3D touch it's just called Air View and it's only running when my S-Pen is detached. Which just means it won't be draining my battery or constantly running in the background like 3D touch does.

  2. i feel stupid after seeing this cos i have been using the 6s since a month…never used the force app switching or text selection..which are the most useful features for me too..thank yo so much for introducing them to me..hehe..

  3. Why does 3D touch randomly select 3 contacts on iMessage when you engage the shortcut. 2 out of 3 contacts I barely text and it makes the 3D touch pretty much pointless

  4. guys i'm thinkin to buy a 6s,but it's costs alot here,so ican only buy 16gb,so is it worth? or should i get another phone?..,btw already with note 3 and using 14gb,but ithink i'll need to use more than it..

  5. hmm.. haven't had any hands on with a 6s, but it seems like it's a bit unnecessary. Kinda like u need to use both hands to use it correctly. Although it's a new, cool(?) way to interact with your device, I think press & hold is more practical.

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