iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 – App Opening Speed

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22 Comments on iPhone 6 vs HTC One M8 – App Opening Speed

  1. In tests like this what is often ignored is the fact that there are several things a One M8 user can do to improve the performance of the phone.  for instance enabling the ART runtime, (witch is now the default runtime for Android L), enabling high performance mode & turning off animations. Furthermore, Android L is now here & is significantly faster than Kit-Kat.

  2. I am not buying nexus 6! I bought iPhone 6 plus and I love it. maybe nexus next year but still got nexus 5 and gonna keep it. Keep up with your awesome video/work. Many thanks 

  3. +Chris Nacca
    I would advise you try some games.
    I tried myself and found apps are almost opening at the same speed in Android and Ios but try temple run 2,subway surfer the basic games which loads on ios way faster.
    I mean I get the play option in these games around 5-10 seconds before in Ios than in Android.
    This is a way lot of time Android is taking.

  4. There's a reason why Google+ doesn't reload automatically on Android devices. It provides the user to read through their stream and return to the last point if they leave the app. It's basically the same function as using Google+ in a browser. You see a small notification indicating a number of new posts. You can ignore it until you want to update your stream. So it's not really a problem or flaw since its intended. 

  5. And all the android fanboys say the iphone is 2012 tech and old yet somehow it is on par with the latest and best android flagship….. And it plays games much better 

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