iPhone 6 vs BlackBerry Passport: Display,Build Quality & Processors PART 1

In this video I compare the BlackBerry Passport vs iPhone 6. I compare their: Screen Quality, Build Quality , Durability and Loudspeaker

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blackberry passport vs iphone 6

22 Comments on iPhone 6 vs BlackBerry Passport: Display,Build Quality & Processors PART 1

  1. Good review …I'm my self not an iPhone fan….if I want to be 'entertained' … My irreplaceable sony z ultra will perform a beautiful job… In weekdays its only 30 percent of the use….for more serious matters (email, messaging, music)… i definitely go to passport….just bought it online…hope will artive within 1-2 days……

  2. still… nexus and bb10 devices are far more better than ios devices.. because what.. because no one like to push the PHYSICAL HOME BUTTON.. thats why most ios users install so called app "assistive touch" or whatever sounds like that. because those lazy fingers dont have effort to push that stupid home button. ios just failed in multitasking.. seriously.. 1 sec on home button to display recent apps is a waste of time.

  3. All I can say is I went from iphone 6 to BlackBerry Passport and I'm glad I did with iphone you have one eco system ios and that's it with BlackBerry now you have bb10 plus you can get android apps run android launchers much more freedom now with BlackBerry anyway if you like iphone great it's personal preference at the end of the day cheers

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