iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Quick Look

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The flagship line that arguably started the large phone form factor now has competition from the Apple side. This is the iPhone 6 Plus vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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31 Comments on iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Quick Look

  1. Leute Apple is bulshit kauft euch kein iphone ganz einfach wie Apple Produkte einfach richtig teuer ist und so ein iphone wir doch on chinesischen hergestellt fur umgerechnet 20 Euro und die Arbeiter können sich Nicht mal ein e richtige wohnung leisten und seien wir erlich Apple is unfair und schlecht

  2. I'm pretty sure like, half of the people who buy iPhones are in it for the branding or the labeling, or just going on with what they think is "trendy"or "popular" these days. Most people don't even care about the specifications! I know some people do, and I think that that's a very wise thing, because you want to make the most out of your handy computer, not stroll around the streets going all "Hey look! I got a brand new iPhone!" when suddenly a few days later, everybody got the exact same thing. Of course, it might be good to try out for a change once in a while and be smart about your mobile device. It's not a valid reason to spend all that cash to some completely worn-out, "just-'cause-it's-Apple-and-i-look-awesome-using-this" device. We built mobile phones for its usage, durability, overall performance, and extra features, not just we wanna look "cool" and fit in. Loving my Note 3. Although not fit for a 14 year old like me. Peace. ✌

  3. The Galaxy note 3 has a lot of features which is extremely awesome but it isn't what people are looking for. People are looking for a simplistic and good looking phone. The iPhone 6 just has the features everybody wants. I would say if Galaxy were to implement those features in their phones Apple would just be a phone with extremely low specs.

  4. I have the note 2 and it's so great but I miss Siri though and if the Note 2 had Siri I'll never give it up! Ah don't worry fanboys, I'm not saying apple sucks just so damn expensive and so much limits … Let me put a bigger micro usb gosh dammit!

  5. New iphone can't even beat the old note 3 how embarrassing. Apple rips off their customers and gives them very little for how much they are paying. The fact that iPhone 6 preforms well with only 1 gig of ram is like saying my car can drive just as fast with 1 gallon of gas so I don't need a full tank and can just get by on 1

    Lame iPhone is for people who can't operate real smart phones that require a brain.


  6. Can we just settle that the iPhone 6 plus has a leg up with app quality, and camera ease of use, and that the Note 3 (I use one!) has a leg up with the s pen, user customisability and flexibility, and out of box functionality? Thanks.

    Let's be happy Apple finally learnt to appreciate and adopt, the ideas of others for the betterment of their customers, what Samsung pioneered and has benefited theirs.

  7. i love how apple fan boys were always making jokes about the notes size for years and now they have this over sized POS that u need a backpack for not a pocket lol samsung kills apple everytime

  8. To the various fan-boys out there I am going to say this:
    The iphone is a great device. The note 3 is a great device. In all honesty it comes down to personal preference and the sales show that both companies produce devices people like. However, I personally like the multi-tasking capabilities of the note 3 and of course the s pen is a nice feature. But I do need to say that I am jealous of the fingerprint scanner on the iphone 6 but the Galaxy s5 and note 4 have one. For my final thoughts I will say that the iphone 6 should not be compared to the note 3 but to the note 4. You can not compare a brand new premium phone to an older one. You need to compare the iphone 6 to the new note 4, and in all honesty the iphone 6 loses in terms of power but like I said it is personal preference and you will find that a lot of people prefer IOS over Android. Android and IOS are both great but android is more for business and customization and IOS is more for the everyday user.

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