iPhone 6 : iOS 9.3.2 vs iOS 10 Beta 1 Build 14A5261v Speed Test

Apple released iOS 10 Beta 1 at WWDC 2016 June 13th.

It comes with many new changes and features, but being the 1st beta of a new iOS release. It also comes with many bugs.
So if you like a stable device that you do not need to reboot several
times pr. day, or live with apps that hangs, screens that freezes,
animation that stutters, just to name a few things.. Then STAY
away from Beta 1.
But we can not have a beta without it being tested against the latest release which at this moment is iOS 9.3.2.

So let’s test it.

iOS 10 Beta 1 comes with build # 14A5261v

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20 Comments on iPhone 6 : iOS 9.3.2 vs iOS 10 Beta 1 Build 14A5261v Speed Test

  1. Great Beta, after using it for 1 week, it help me to decide to NOT upgrade to iOS beyond 9.3.3 if I want to keep the feeling I'm using an iPhone instead of an Android phone. Even started to missing old music app interface, the new one its less attractive in my opinion. Yes, also I recognize it has some interesting features like widgets on left side of the lock screen. So I recommend to get it and test it for some days, and make your own decision. In the end, I returned to iOS 9.3.2 = :)

  2. On my iPhone 6 Plus I find it way more responsive than iOS 9 but the only thing is the phone restarts by itself sometimes and many other bugs but I suggest updating if you want to see smoother animations

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