iPhone 6 Air Leaked Photos, Rumors May 2014

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iPhone 6 Air Leaked Photos, Rumors May 2014. Hear the latest rumors and see the most recent leaked iPhone 6 photos in this video.
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7 Comments on iPhone 6 Air Leaked Photos, Rumors May 2014

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  2. Idk what the big deal is w/iphone6??? It's no doubt going to be a bigger phone bc of the popularity of a big screen phone. Weren't apple in 2010 (Steve Jobs) making fun of Samsung for their huge galaxy phone? And they even made a commercial stated that iPhone is the perfect size for everyone! So now 4.7" & 5.5" is the perfect size now?
    So the iPhone 6 is going to look like their iPod but bigger & thin as the iPod. So naturally the battery will be smaller & that's how they fit everything in a so thin phone. And wtf is so special about that? Have u seen the HTC one m8??? That phone is drop dead gorgeous! The way HTC made it curve w/almost entirely made out of aluminum. The battery on it is amazing. Looks way better than a bigger iPod. We don't need a thinner phone, we want better battery life period! Phone these days are thin enough. Out of all my devices, I use my phone the most. I have the iPhone 5, & the battery life suck, compare to other phones out their. HTC one m8 is a true crafted phone. If iPhone 6 looks anywhere near the m8 than I'm sold. 

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