iPhone 6 – 6 Tips and Tricks!

6 iPhone 6 Tips and Tricks! (iOS 8, iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus)


Top 5 iPhone 6 Cases:

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iPhone 6 Official Leather Case Review:

Fake vs Real iPhone 6:

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  1. next time you do an iPhone demo, just record the iPhone screen instead of pointing a camera at the iPhone.  to do this, connect your iPhone to the computer with the cable that came with the iPhone.  Run QuickTime Player, select File, New Video Recording.  Click the little arrow to the right of the red record button, then select iPhone as the camera from the drop down menu.  the iPhone screen will appear on your computer screen.  click the red record button to record the video and audio of the iPhone and it will also record your voice as you demo the features.  upload that video to youtube.  try it.  thanks man.

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