iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 truly in depth comparison

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A truly in depth comparison of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Apple iPhone 5s. Check out http://www.technibility.com for up to date mobile tech news, reviews, comparisons, how to’s, ROM’s, apps, games, entertainment and opinion pieces and more!

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47 Comments on iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 truly in depth comparison

  1. note 3 no contest its easily better iphone 5s is for white girl teenagers who arent heavy users at all and just put stupid stylish cases on this iphone cause the iphone is a fashion accessory while the note 3 is a portable pc that multitasks easily and in a good way and it has the s pen to be creative and productive but where is the innovation and the creativity in the 5s? note 3 ftw

  2. I have the note 3. I have had it for 7 months now, but I have always wanted an iPhone. Don't go on fighting with me about how much better androids are than iPhones, because that's not true. They're equally as great. It depends on what you as a person want in a phone, for me, I dont like detailed cameras. The note 3's camera is so detailed and The lighting on it sucks ass. I'm not one to care much about the camera quality, or the megapixel s and all that stuff, but I definetly do use my phone daily to take selfies and I have to place it on a box because its too hard to hold to take pictures. Also the camera makes my face look really long and ugly lol. The iphones are way better for selfies/pictures. Not to mention there is absolutely NO cases for it at any store you go to. Also, I'm a girl so of course I'm gonna want to have a phone that LOOKS nice. Iphones are very pretty to me, the note 3, especially since I have black, is so ugly to me. I don't even have a case on it because I can't find any good ones. There is SOOOO MANY cases for the 5s and I'm already collecting. The only thing I dont like is that you have to buy your music, but I just use Pandora anyways. I'm not stupid enough to pay 1.80 for a song I'm gonna get tired of soon. Anyways, stop fighting. You guys have your own opinions and they are both good phones. I know you can customize your note how you want, like I have all these cool apps, but when you have an iPhone, it already looks kinda nice and simple. I also love the fingerprint scanner. Its nice, my moms always trying to read my texts when I leave my phone somewhere and that will not be happening. I'm a 13 year old girl, dont even say I'm too young for a phone, I'm paying for it with my own money just as always. Right as I'm typing this my nose 3 is lagging so much and I barely have any apps and pictures.

  3. Dual core 1GB ram definetely hifgh end? Give me a brake, it is just optimised to no end, and it got squeezed out all it can give you. Ok, that is a good thing, but c'mon, those speks, high end? no! and 64bit processor is overrated, because it is not true 64bit, it is only 64bit'ish, which means it is 86 bit proc with added benefits, like friend in a friendzone, you can look at boobs fo 64 bits but nothing more.

  4. I personally own the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 it's easy to use in all respects. The battery life is better than the Motorola I owned. I love the large display. Why do people still buy the over priced iphone? You can not even change the battery or up your memory. The iphones are for clueless folks who are into logo.brand promoting. Much like Starbucks nothing special just over priced. Note 3 ahead of the rest!

  5. The only people who still think the iphones are top dawg are the fanboys who will never even try something new due to the fear they might like it more then their precious apple device.

  6. Iphone kicks that cheap plastic samsung out of the water the only reason the iPhone dosent have all the ram and processor speed is because the samsung has to try putting samsungs os on an it won't run they have to have that much power just to run there operating system thus taking up more of the storage when apple dosent have to beaf up there iPhone because there already faster than the galaxy and there operating system takes up less storage than the samsung and who wants to buy a phone from CHINA 

  7. With all due respect these are 2 different categories to compare. iPhone's rival is the Galaxy S series.
    It's like comparing a sports car with an SUV.
    And between brackets iPhone 5 and 5s have the worst battery among all other smart phone, including the cheap ones.

  8. +Clintos disrespecting someone based on their own opinion just show what a low life you are. Go commit suicide…the world be a better place without ur poor soul walking and trolling around.

  9. I have been a apple consumer since day one. I tried the iPhone 5s and it just wasn't enough for me to stay with apple. I took the phone back and got the note 3 and I must say it was a great choice. There is just so much more you can do with android it's just ridiculous. It wasn't hard for me to learn android just some patience and time and it was well worth learning a new operating system. The note 3 hands down is a better mobile device. Make the switch you won't regret it :)

  10. IPhone 5s has no match against the note 3 iPhone 5s has no features like the note 3 at all iPhone 5s only comes out with newer camera and the size but Samsung always has newer and a lot more features then iPhone nothing changes on iPhone how sad……

  11. Excellent video – thanks for taking the time to do this and share. I've always used iPhones but just ordered the Note 3 a couple of hours ago which put me into a cold sweat I have to be honest, and I even considered cancelling my order right away! However, this review reminded me of all the good things I've been attracted to the Note 3 for, and it's going to be interesting to give it a try. Fingers crossed it pans out ok. My feeling is that there will be times when I miss the iPhone quality and simplicity, and others when I enjoy the bigger screen, battery life, memory and using the SPen. Hopefully the bottom line is you can't really go wrong with either of these babies… hopefully… Thanks again!

  12. You had me until the end where you started flip flopping back and forth in-order to not stir controversy. Can't really say you can go between the 2 when one has a 5.7" Super AMOLED display (which clearly had more vibrant colors than the Iphone which looked more faded like every other display against an AMOLED). The Galaxy Note 3 had a lot more features vs. the Iphone throughout the entire video until it actually came to video recording in which the Iphone had an overall more smoother/simpler experience. How about doing a quadrant benchmark test at the end as well?

    So the end sentence should've been: "If you want simplicity while still competing with other phones, go with the Iphone. If you want customization, a huge beautiful screen, a ton of features, and the phone with the best specs on the market go with the note 3 (while at the same time cheaper than the Iphone lol)."

  13. I've had an iphone for little over a year and I love it. Before this I had an old htc merge and loved it too. Now I'm thinking of going with the note 3 just to see where android is now. 

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