iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Comparison Smackdown

Lisa Gade compares the iPhone 5s and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Check out our video review of the iPhone 5s at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T5pXy5dVcw
Check out our video review of the Samsung Note 3 at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtqvesI_hv0
Check out our full written review of the iPhone 5s at: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/phones/iPhone-5s.htm
Read our in-depth Samsung Galaxy Note 3 written review here: http://www.mobiletechreview.com/phones/Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3.htm

26 Comments on iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Comparison Smackdown

  1. When my Galaxy Note 3 got the Lollipop Update (Android 5.0) it started being laggy and draining the battery like crazy. I had to sold it for an iPhone 5s. Of course,I miss that gorgeous screen,but the speed of iOS its just incredible. Android can "destroy" such beautiful phones,like Samsung Galaxy Note 3. And one more thing: AMOLED displays are way way better than any other type of display. I don't know why,everyone's telling "oh,you have great viewing angles on an IPS display",it is so false. I compared the Note 3 with other phones like HTC One M8,Xperia Z1 and Iphone 5s and the display of the Note 3 is crazy good.

  2. The Note 3 vs iPhone 5s is day N night difference.
    Seriously, who would choose small shitty screen with 3 hour crappy battery???
    lol iPhone is still crap even in 2016
    Apple you are way late and behind generations.

  3. The Note 3 vs iPhone 5s is day N night difference.
    Seriously, who would choose small shitty screen with 3 hour crappy battery???
    lol iPhone is still crap even in 2016
    Apple you are way late and behind generations.

  4. I know what phone is better… The answer is none. You guys are all complaning about how better it is. Its ridiculous really. Its just a phone and then after 4 years these phones will be shit. Each phones have something to differ from other phones… 
    The Iphone 5s is for users ho likes to have a simple yet elegant interface with restricted functionality with a metal construction. The note 3 is for people ho likes to customize to have a big screen for better gaming and video experience while also being a paper replacement with a tons of functionality that's is infinitely adjustable.
    So why complain about phones? There is no point… These for me are both great phones but works in different ways.
    Instead we should all thanks for these companies to give us these remarkable piece of hardware with beautiful software.    

  5. I actually have small hands but I'm comfortable with the note 3 though.. after using several days in my daily life, I don't feel like its a freaking huge phone.. its just nice for me.. I'm used to holding huge phones.. not a big problem for me at all.. I love my note 3..!

  6. Preface by saying I think Apple makes some really cool products.  The thing they do best is making complicated tools easy to use and sexy to look at.  The first IP (iphone) was a total game changer, just like the first Apple computers.  However, in the grand, honest, scheme of things, the IP has not offered anything that new since it's first introduction.  Furthermore, IP sales have been steadily falling since the IP4.  Fanboys(girls) of Apple can say what they want.  The buck always stops at what moves on shelves.  Apple was a giant literally growing at exponential rates, then they presented the Lisa.  F'ing disaster.  Why?  It was too expensive and too far out of the grasp and vision of the public.  Why did then suddenly need a tool that costed 1/4-1/3 the price of a car, when it's most common use was word processing?  But, I digress.  Remember one thing, the computer world was truly the Wild West, and EVERYONE stole from EVERYONE else.  The only difference was there were few to no laws governing all this because it was so new.  Apple stole the mouse from Xerox, and Microsoft stole the general template for Windows from Apple, etc., etc.  However, the difference was the VISION Jobs had.  What he forsaw technology doing for the average person, and how unparalleled it was.  There is no coincidence Apple was months away from bankruptcy when Jobs was forced out of Apple.  His return marked one of the greatest revivals in business history.  The IP was truly something to behold.  However, that same innovation has largely flatlined since 2007.  Say what you like fans, but you can't argue with sales.  I appreciate simplicity and functionality, but the IP being stuck in neutral because of what Apple thought was the best size, etc. is farcical, because it's only caused them to be late to the party.  Oh, and by the way, Jobs is AGAIN no longer at Apple, rest his soul.  But, nonetheless, he's no longer there.

    The irony of Apple's approach to the IP since it's inception, is that it's remained stationary in an industry that is both figuratively and literally in constant motion (mobile phones).  As people did more on their phones, mainly due to mobile internet, the demand on phones' abilities increased sharply.  Thus, the simplest way to forecast improvements on phones is how long they will last you in between charges?  Presently, all phones worth a lick, that don't cost obscene money, use lithium-ion batteries.  So, Samsung and others realized, the next step is making a larger battery.  To do this, you need a larger phone, and progressively, a larger screen.  Apple said, "Nope.  We're fine with our small battery, because that's what's sexy."  Well, I still can't figure out what's sexy about a red battery indicator?  

    Then it was how strict Apple was about software updates and app usage, which I can appreciate to ensure quality.  However, the thing is, Android is open source.  So, logically, Apple can NEVER possibly keep up with Android because Android, by definition, is constantly being updated, upgraded, and constantly makes steps forward, however, gradual they may be.  Alternatively, Apple takes a long time for updates (comparatively speaking), and sometimes, the updates are awful (see iOS 7 1.0); you would have thought there was a planet killing meteor heading to Earth.  

    Then it was Apple stuck on just one home button.  Which was the model at first.  Then someone realized have more than one key is incredibly useful.  Think a keyboard with a separate key for each letter or just nine keys, like how it used to be to text people?  Sure, touch screen this, touch screen that.  But, still, Apple stuck with the one menu button.  Meanwhile, Android had a back button, which quickly exits AND quits apps, is a back page, etc.; and the ever present menu button (think right clicking on a computer); which is in essence, quick links to commonly used secondary options.  Oh, and let's not forget how many times a long-press simplifies functions.  The IP has some, but very few uses compared to Android.

    And slowly but surely, Android pulled away.  Now, Apple FINALLY releases a larger phone.  Again, way to show up late to the party.  Are you noticing a trend?

    A few days ago I had a discussion with someone at work, and he explained his daughter worked at Apple.  She explained Apple has a different vision because they claim their phones can do so much more, but most don't know how to maximize the phone.  Apple has a vision of training people to use maximize their phones more over time.  However, as ambitious as that sounds, the fact remains, most people will forever remain as novice users of technology.  Most people simply don't have the time to learn such a skill set.  Yes, skill sets grow, and new sets can be added…we all learned how to type, how to use the internet, email, and text.  But, the learning curve is nonetheless slow for those who are not tech geeks.  

    So, at the end of the day, the litmus test is, and has always been, how easy is it to use from day one, how reliable is it, and how much room does the product have to grow, so it remains relevant longer against the juggernaut that is progress in technology?  For most, it really boils down to battery life and reception.  If the phone sucks at either one, the fact a smartphone has more technology that the Apollo Missions becomes moot.  See IP4: terrible reception problems.  And that my friends, was the beginning of the slide for Apple in the phone market, because within proximity to the IP4, the larger phones hit the market.  Then the IP4 sucked at both battery life and reception.  IP sales then were really falling fast.  Samsung released the GS3, and the IP hunt was officially on.  It truly was the next big thing.  That was nearly 3 years ago.  Repeat after me, it took Apple 3 years to realize they needed a bigger battery.  It took the geniuses at Apple, that changed personal computing forever, 3 years to make a bigger battery.  3.  Years.  Now, posts like this video, show just how quickly Apple fell behind.

    Just use an IP and a Note 3, for one day simultaneously, and the truth becomes as obvious as the front of your nose.  The IP is great out of the box, but it's all downhill from there.  Technology is all about customizing your tools to fit your needs.  There are a million tools to enhance your life, but not all are right for your needs.  Everyone really needs a cell phone in today's world.  It's simply too powerful of a tool to be without.  So, technology that is too restrictive or forces you to think someone else's way, is actually the antithesis of progress.  Android use vs. iOS can be displayed with one simple task:  what's the easiest way to delete a contact from your phone?  Android can use a long press, iOS, you must scroll, and scroll some more to the bottom of each contact, INDIVIDUALLY, then click delete, then click are you sure?  Do that a few dozen times, and you're ready to use an IP as skeet.  That's just one example of many, where I was asking myself, why does Apple make everything so damn tedious with unnecessary steps compared to Android?  Why?  It was absolutely maddening.

    With that said, the Note 3 simply outclasses the IP5, 6, or the big 6.  Why?  First and foremost, the operating system.  Tedious and restrictive.  Secondly, the hardware, faster specs by the same standards used to spec computers.  The hardware is simply faster on Android.  There really is no argument.  If you claim otherwise you really can't count, nor can you read.  Thirdly, multi-tasking.  Aren't we talking about a phone, a mini-mail machine (texting), email, bill pay, multi-media consumption, media creation?  All of this is on the go, probably while driving (hopefully minimally), or at the airport, or finding something in a city you've never been, etc.  The point is, the essence of a smartphone, is precisely that it IS a multi-tasking tool, and it is THE multi-tasking tool.  So, why would ANYONE on God's green Earth want something that handicaps multi-tasking?  It is without logic to claim otherwise.  Android has been doing it faster, longer, and better than Apple for quite some time.  And years in technology are like EONS in the universe.  Things just change faster than we'd like to admit.  I have serious doubts Apple will ever recover from this slip on their edge in the market.  Newsflash Apple, if IP's are already inferior to Android, how does logic dictate a larger, inferior phone will now be better than the superior phone?  If I have a shitty car, and I buy a larger model of that same shitty car, isn't the car still shitty?

    Apple needs to do some major overhauls of iOS to gain ground, and add a back button, and add a menu button, and add a removable back so you can access your spare batter and SD card, and add a stylus, add more free apps, and, and, and, just basically at least try to match the features of an Android.

    In this video, the ONLY advantage the IP5 has over the Note 3, is the size.  The IP is without question, the most conveniently SIZED phone.  Pockets, purses, hand, nooks, cranies, wherever.  The size for portability is supreme.  But, that's really the end of it.  The Note 3 does beat, it smokes the IP5 in EVERY OTHER CATEGORY.  The same is true for the GS5, however, it does not have a stylus.  That's it.

    And, the learning curve on the Note 3 is quick and easy to boot.  I consider myself fairly tech savy, and when I was given an IP for work, it took me forever to figure out how to turn up my ringer, even though the volume rocker said my ringtone was at full volume?  This drove me to genuine anger.  How is such a simple task on such a sophisticated device, that is supposed to be user friendly, so damn difficult to figure out?  On Android, you adjust the rocker, or go to sound settings, and every separate volume setting you could wish to adjust is presented.  My volume issue on the IP, was totally different.  I missed call after call because it couldn't figure out how to raise my volume, even though the rocker clearly displayed full volume.  When I did figure it out, I wanted to burn the f***ing thing because I had wasted so much time on such a stupid task.

    If Apple ever surpasses Android back, I'll be the first in line.  I'm a consumer that buys on performance, not reputation.  If you buy an inferior product because you're just stubborn, well, the joke's on you.  You bought something worse because you refused to test the competitor.  Being an informed consumer is your responsibility.  If you buy a shiny new GM, and you expect the longevity and efficiency of a Honda, because the GM looks really well made, then you're an idiot.

    If you just ask the questions 1) what does it do, and 2) how well does it do it, Android, at least as of today, is leaps and bounds ahead of the IP.  If you still say, I'll be a "fanboy" until the end, because I'm just an Apple person, then you better hope there's never a charismatic tyrant that dupes you into forgoing your freedom, because all you've displayed is that you refuse to think for yourself.  If you want yesterdays' technology, buy an IP.  If you actually have an interest in buying something that is constantly progressing, and actually has a shot at remaining relevant, then buy the Note 3, or the GS5, if you want something a BIT smaller.

    Since we rely on computers for nearly everything, why NOT get something that is CLOSEST to having one in your pocket, that is not a laptop or tablet.  Why NOT get something that is literally a computer in your pocket, and not JUST a phone, which is precisely what the IP is, comparatively speaking.

  7. Ive used the note 2 for over a year, now im on a LG G3 (amazing)  and I started using my friends iPhone 5s the other day and this thing feels like a childs play toy lol, anyone else have this feeling? ><

  8.  They aren't both set on maximum brightness, you Lying Bitch!!! The samsung is on lower setting and it's clearly seen when you showed the notification panel!

  9. im a fan of both really but im switching to samsung cuz the bigger phones they are better because if your battery is bad i can go buy a new one instead of making an appointment at an apple store. 

  10. Dumb apple fanboys going APPLE IS DUH BEST.Well incorrect the Note 3 is better than the Iphone 5s.Note 3 is 4 cored 3 gigabytes of ram.Iphone 5s is dual cored with 1 gigabyte of ram.

  11. i had a note3 exynos version purchased just 6 months back,i loved my phone,but there were many defaults in my note which by typing here may take long time,so i wanna make it sweet and simple i sold my note 3 and got an iphone 5s and i feel iphone 5s is better :)

  12. I can not choose between these two but I think I have to keep in mind  when u said "do u want something as replacement for your laptop or tablet, that  would be the Samsung."!

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