iPhone 5S vs. HTC One M8 – 1080p Camera / Audio test

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32 Comments on iPhone 5S vs. HTC One M8 – 1080p Camera / Audio test

  1. M8 audio is amazing. Earlier people use to complain HTC has tiny audio,now take this .
    Can you do video comparison with the Z2? Z2 does have good camera performance in low light. Would love to see it comparing with the m8 (HDR on & HDR mode off )

  2. I think HTC wins… Colours are similar, sometimes HTC overexpose and sometimes iPhone does it, but we should remember the larger view of HTC, the autofocus, the performance in low-light. If m8 still had the OIS like m7 it would have been maybe the best phone for video recording. But iPhone still does a great job and I think in video loses but in photos he wins

  3. Audio is way better on the HTC and also the video is not as blurry – the motion blur on the 5S looked pretty bad. I think both have a slightly odd colour temperature – the iPhone 5S was too warm and the HTC M8 was a bit too cool / blue. But I feel overall the M8 was a bit more colour accurate.

    I think the iPhone was a bit better with exposure though – the M8 did over expose a fair bit but that might be fixable in the camera app settings as HTC offer quite a lot of manual control for tweaking. As for sharpness I'd give that to the M8 as well – possibly too sharp on some edges but definitely better iPhone which was often much too soft.

  4. I think HTC M8 camera better than HTC one M7. Both looks great, but it seems that HTC M8 still has the yellowish tint on video and still same as HTC one M7! iPhone 5s has a bit of weird wobbling in low light video.

  5. Being a huge HTC fan, I think the Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S cameras still perform better than the M8. In my eyes, the M8's colors look a tad bit inaccurate and tends to overexpose in some situations, while both Nexus 5 and iPhone 5S captures more realistic colors. And the M8's software stabilization is awful, looks far shakier than the 5S. I don't know if Apple haters in the comments section are being dishonest here. iPhones use Sony's optics since 4S. They're hands down better than any HTC cameras out there IMO.

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