IPhone 4 Tutorial : IPhone 4 iOS 7 Tips And Tricks

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28 Comments on IPhone 4 Tutorial : IPhone 4 iOS 7 Tips And Tricks

  1. Hello .. I like your video it is nice . particularly your ideas  about iphone 4 user guide
    . Something I also found helpfull for iphone for dummies 4s
      was Corbandy Instant Phone Crusher – it will be on google if you need it

  2. It's been almost 2 years and you still haven't figured out what kind of phone you were using here? Holy shit, way to be a professional marketer. Subscribe to this fucker for all your gadget needs!
    P.S: Fuck this guy.

  3. All for a iphone – 5 not 4 …great video but 10/10 ….nice one as the IPhone – 4 had a great Update to look and be like this as Steve Jobs was ment to have designed 6 IPhones before he passed ,google it all there ….10/10 video for iphone -5

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