iPad Pro Impressions!

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Hands-on with Apple’s massive new tablet: iPad Pro!

Bonus: Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard thoughts.

iPhone 6s Hands-on:

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Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over


31 Comments on iPad Pro Impressions!

  1. K first of all. Why is it that Apple wouldn't give us 3D Touch on this "pro" ipad? Also why wouldn't Apple implement 2.0 scanner ID? Then there's only 128gb storage? But on the smaller one they have 256? Also not to mention how the hell is this a tablet? More like a behemoth seriously. Smh Apple. Not cool 😞😒

  2. About who is targeted for. Musicians. Thanks to this new 12.9" version the big move from paper to digital sheet music for milion musicians now is real, because it's screen size is close to standart A4 paper, which musicians accustomed to in their sheet music. Plus amazing app called forScore. And there are no alternatives for the moment: Surface Pro 4 still has smaller screen, and its 3:2 instead of 4:3 aspect ratio is also worse. And nothing even close to forScore app on Windows. Android tablets also have smaller screens and what's terrible – 16:9 aspect ratio (nothing can be worse for working with sheet music in portrait mode).

  3. This is insane how big this iPad pro is. I was in the store and saw that. If iPad pro had better camera with blits and better construction, and 5, not 1,2 megapixels than I gonna buy it instead of the 9,7 inch iPad pro… I like big screens and it's a new dimensions when you have big screens …

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