iOS 9 Tips & Tricks – Speed up your iPhone

iOS 9 Tips & Tricks – Speed up your iPhone

What is going on guys Apple Fox here and in this video i’m gonna show you some real tips on how to speed up your iPhone especially if you have an older iPhone like 4s or 5. These phones are actually usable but it would be really nice to add a little speed to them by performing these quick tips that don’t require anything special. But it‘s also helpful if you have one of the newest iPhones. You probably have seen some videos like this in which you are told to reduce the animations or to increase the contrast. Of course it helps but a I personally don’t like opening apps without the animations. I just don’t think my iPhone is fast when the app just fades out when i close it. it just makes me feel that something weird is going on here. You may like it
but i don’t.

The first tip that actually does help is to disable background app refresh. I know that disabling refreshing apps in the background is used to save battery but battery saving…

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