iOS 9 and iPad Mini 4 are a winning combo

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Apple’s new little iPad can handle split-screen apps and picture-in-picture video just like its big brothers, but it’s smaller than a paperback. Here’s the best of what’s new.

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36 Comments on iOS 9 and iPad Mini 4 are a winning combo

  1. Tsk tsk. still stutters with animation. They should have put A8X. I just saw multiple frame drops in that video, and also I tried it, and app switcher is stuttery. iOS 9.2 fixes it for iPad Air 2, but not sure if it fixes for iPad mini 4, 2, Air 1, etc.

  2. More apple haters so afraid of Apple they need to post there negative comments. Oh I own the note 4 nexus 7 and the Samsung tab pro. So don't even start with the Phanboy comments. When it comes to tabs Apple owns whether you all like it or not so stop admitting to this fact by acting scared. If you like your Android device good for you have at it.

  3. When I decided to buy iPad mini 3 instead of iPad mini 2, I knew I was going to feel like a dumb-ass;
    When I got iPad mini 3, I felt like a dumb-ass;
    Now iPad mini 4 is out, I feel like a major dumb-ass.

    Why Apple…

  4. I'm an iPhone 6 user, and I really like my iPhone a lot. But nowadays I'm starting to hate Apple on making "revolutionary" updates that happened on Android like five years ago. If you're gonna introduce features from 2010, then at least have the virtue of not sounding like you've invented all this shit.

  5. Ipad air 1 has enough power to run split screen it's BS to say it doesn't and you talk as if these features are revolutionary when they've been on other tablets for years now with more functionality and more refined than Apples offering on the three iPads.

    I have iPad air one and will wait for the jail break to get split screen – i hate Apple fans for their ignorance US reviewers bias towards anything Apple.

  6. it's not like the ipad air 2… A8 vs A8x… that's so apple… they will sell you any crap they have left and can make the most money out of and you all will buy it anyway…

  7. New iPad Mini should have a more powerful processor then the iPhone 6. Can't believe they used the same CPU and just gave it 1 more GB of RAM. 3-4 GB RAM should have been what it came with and a new processor as well.

  8. I bought the iPad mini 2 when it came out .. It was expensive back then .. I like the mini 4 but will wait for next year to upgrade .. Mini 2 is great but no Touch ID

  9. the problem is we have to wait for Google to bake it into their OS, and since Samsung knows how to do things without Google I'll continue to use them. Don't blame Samsung, they're shoeing Google what to do. unfortunately apple knows this and then releases it on theirs forest and say we did it better. if Google only did what samsung tells them them we won't have a problem.

  10. i love apple and i also love android. but android devices is much cheaper than apples. if i have the money i might get an ipad but android tablet is good too. no need to fight whether your a fan of different platform. they are both good in their own ways. this is just my opinion

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