iOS 9.3 Review – What’s New & Should You Update?

Ultimate iOS 9.3 Review & Should You Update? EVERY New Feature, Performance & Everything You Need To Know!

32 Comments on iOS 9.3 Review – What’s New & Should You Update?

  1. So many updates on iOS 9 never had so many with previous versions. Looks like iOS is buggy and fucked up like never before due to the minimalist crap with the icons and everything else. They should bring back the iOS 6 look.

  2. Apple intentionally makes new firmwares to totally fuck up your older devices so that you have NO choice but to upgrade to a newer phone.
    Well guess what, it won't be an Apple.

  3. Like or comment if you think the next iOS update should let you exchange a song you bought for a different song with the same price or to be able to return them with a click of a button

  4. Are these features supposed to work on the iPod 5 because I just installed this iOS and I don't see any Night Shift options or any of the features showed in this video. Does anyone know?

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