iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Update!! Great News!!

iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Update!

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39 Comments on iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Update!! Great News!!

  1. Cody? Do you think I should update iPhone 6 plus from ios9.2 or just stay? Thanks my iPad is running 8.4 lmao but it's jailbroke I wish I could update it to at least 9 LOL

  2. Hello sir, as always extremely informative and I greatly appreciate all
    of your help with jailbreaking. I'm a novice at best and always cringe
    every time I update to a new version. I have yet to figure out the best
    way to transfer all of my tweaks once updated and end up having to add
    each one separately. I have Setback and BackupAZ but have not tried to
    utilize these for a new update. Any advice you could lend would be
    greatly appreciated.

  3. The guy doesn't have a jailbreak! He's a liar and a fake! He's a disrespectful cunt. He doesn't know how to jailbreak a iPhone. Don't believe the bullshit!

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