iOS 9.3.1 – Update From Hell The Number Of Judgement – #CERN – The Apple Settings Logo CERN – #Baal

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6 Comments on iOS 9.3.1 – Update From Hell The Number Of Judgement – #CERN – The Apple Settings Logo CERN – #Baal

  1. It's getting weirder and FASTER by the day.
    The strangest thing I ever found was on the internet around the year 2000/2001 ( can't remember when exactly ).
    I started having these feelings that something really IMPORTANT was happening and I felt there would be a website called 'is'.
    I typed '' and found a most strange set of pages, which described some sort of organisation that was 'looking for like-minded people to join'.
    It described how they wanted all government, pharmaceuticals, banks, food and other stuff controlling from one place.
    It isn't there now, as it disappeared not long after I found it, but what the fuck was it?
    I mean I wasn't even into truthseeking back then and just look at the word – IS.

  2. Modern laptops like the one I'm using give me headache, my vision go blurred and my head feel 'thick with fog'.
    The old Win98se desktop I use the rest of the time never ever makes me like that.

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