iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak Dead in the Water?

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iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak Update!

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39 Comments on iOS 9.3.1 Jailbreak Dead in the Water?

  1. Hi I need your help..i'm running an iphone 65 plus jailbroken version 9.0.2 my phone would shot off occasionally..I don't think its a tweak because it don't go on safe mode please let me know! thanks.. :)

  2. I have an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT question alright I'm on 9.2.1 right now and the latest update is 9.3.4. If my phone is always asking do you want to update to iOS 9.3.4 (the newest one), and they make a jailbreak for 9.3.1, let's say, how would I get to 9.3.1 if my phone wants me to update to 9.3.4!!!???

  3. Your awesome man. I like how you just give your opinion "He sounds like a BITCH!" lmao !
    I trust your news because you're just straight up.

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