iOS 9.1 – What’s New?

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iOS 9.1 came out today and I go over what’s new with the final release of iOS 9.1.

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45 Comments on iOS 9.1 – What’s New?

  1. There is a new thing in the notes that I've found to be new 😀 when u show the keyboard a + is on top of the keyboard… Clicking on it gives you the option to change your text to become the title of ur page or if not, then u can bold the words from there also. As well as a new option to add dashes and dots for organizing lists and such 😀 idk if this was from the iOS 9.1 update or the iOS 9.02 update but I didn't find it till later do idk… Anyways I found this update thrilling and made me so happy :D

  2. OK when I was signing up I saw pass code but I didn't want a pass code and there wasn't a option to skip it so I put in the first part of gmail password and then I confirmed it again. then when I went to press the power button and tried to unlock it with it about four times it was incorrect and now I have to wait 60 mins for me to can try to unlock it

  3. It's absolutely horrible on iPad Air lol should have stayed with 8.4 never had an update lag so much it seems 9.0 and above need much more powerful processors to run smoothly.

  4. yeah yeah, it doeasn't matter that the iOS 9.1 runs like a crap on iPhone 6 Plus, it's matter that there is 150! new emoji's. I don't know what is Apple doing with iOS, where is great performance from iOS 8.4?

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