Introducing GoBone: smart toy that keeps your canine friend active all day

Introducing GoBone: smart toy that keeps your canine friend active all day

Are you feeling guilty for leaving your dog behind when you leave the house for work? Now, there’s something that can ease your guilt as well as your pooch’s loneliness. PulsePet has developed GoBone, a chewy, app-controlled, smart bone that fills your pet with all day entertainment.

Using algorithms, this interactive autonomous toy synthesizes with your pup’s behavior in order to keep your canine friend running and playing until your return home. It comes with a compatible app with which you can control the device when you’re in office.


GoBone is the brainchild of Santiago Gutierrez, who himself is a dog owner and had the same problem with his dog Rufus as he had to work 60 hours per week.

“I was looking for something that would help my dog Rufus get the activity he was lacking during the day and I had a revelation,” said Gutierrez. “So I quit my job and decided to put my engineering degree to use for a good cause.”

The patent-pending algorithms help the device to automatically learn your pup’s behavior based on their age, breed, weight and the way they play, helping the software on how long it should continue. For instance, it will whirl by a little pup, but will definitely go slow with an older dog.

With the accompanied app, you can set the device on auto mode or schedule a playtime. GoBone will tempt your dog to play by moving around on its own, which your dog can chase, chew, toss or even eat the treats you keep inside the wheel. The exterior is made from FDA-compliant materials and has already been tested with more than 120 dogs for over 1000 hours.  The ultra-durable exterior is also replaceable, so you don’t need to buy a whole new GoBone in case it is damaged.


GoBone is not only a playing device for your dogs, it can double as a gaming device for you and your pup to play together and strengthen your bond when you pair it with your smartphone. You can play GoBone Fetch which is similar to Nintendo Wii Bowling; the difference is you launch the GoBone for your dog to fetch instead of launching a virtual bowling ball. Also, you can put some treats inside the wheel and hide the device and play hide and seek with your dog. GoBone will stay calm until it detects your pup has found it, and then it wakes up to play.


The device is run by a rechargeable battery that lasts eight hours in autonomous mode, long enough for you to spend the time at the office. Colors and attachments can be customized by your choice as they’re introduced. The company is also collaborating with Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center to donate more than $1,000 worth of GoBones to the shelter.

It looks like the hard work has paid off. The company launched a campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $60,000. It has already been surpassed with a total of $130,632 in pledges from 790 backers and still has 12 days to go. By paying $149, you will receive one GoBone and save $80 off the final retail price. There is a possibility that the shipment will start in December 2016.


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