Intel’s Compute Card wants to make your appliances smarter

Intel’s Compute Card wants to make your appliances smarter

At CES 2017, Intel, the global leader in CPUs just unveiled its Compute Card, the thinnest and smallest computer that comes with the ability to make your appliances smarter.

Tiny yet powerful

The Compute Card is basically a tiny PC, which is a bit thicker than a credit card, housing a 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU, memory, storage, SoC, various input/output options, and wireless connectivity. However, due to size limitations, it will require a dock to power and cool. It also includes a variant of the USB-C port named “USB-C plus extension” to connect with the systems the card is plugged into.

Compute Card

Don’t replace your appliances, upgrade them

Device manufacturers choosing to use the Compute Card in their device just need to create a standard slot in their device to accommodate it. Once choosing the appropriate card for their device performance and pricing, consumers will get a product with the capability of withholding short term obsolescence just by replacing the card within the device. For instance, the hardware of your smart refrigerator could last a decade, but its processing hardware inside might just get outdated after a few years. Instead of purchasing an entirely new refrigerator, you can put a new card in the slot.

The Compute Card is vital to make any device upgradable. Capabilities of devices like smart TVs, refrigerators, all-in-one PCs, as well as kiosks, can be extended using this card. To make this happen, Intel has also created a partnership with companies like Dell, HP, Sharp, Lenovo etc. Intel plans to release them in the market in mid-2017.


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