Injustice Gods Among US iOS Character Tips and Tricks

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we demonstrate many characters that have useful traits, and how to maximize their effectiveness.

Our first topic is Regime Wonder Woman. If you have Red Son Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, Regime Wonder Woman will have 40% increased power generation and by blocking, you can get 3 bars of power in 12 blocks.

For my second demonstration, we use Nightwing with Regime Green Lantern and Red Son Wonder Woman, giving Nightwing 40% more power to drain people with and prevent them from using specials. Pair with Aquaman instead of Red Son Wonder Woman for longer fights.

For the third demonstration, Lobo is used to demonstrate usefuless against power…

21 Comments on Injustice Gods Among US iOS Character Tips and Tricks

  1. Hi Shono! Love ur vids?
    You should try this team when ur playing Survivor mode
    In survivor mode, I use Blackest Night MMH, Arkham Knight Batman and Reverse Flash.
    First, I use AK Batman as one of the boosts gives you 2 bars of power.
    Second, Blackest Night MMH helps as using his second move, Soul Survivor while having the life drain, helps to regenarate health for the team.
    Lastly, Reverse Flash, with the Fourth World Set, can help in combat. Why?
    When a special attack kills Reverse Flash, he may regain health from his passive, Cellular Regenaration and the fourth world set, giving him about 3/4 health.
    Do you have a better team, Shono, or this team is okay?

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