Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Character Tips and Tricks Patch 2.0

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In this Injustice Gods Among Us video, we do our second Character Tips and Tricks video, using multiple effective combinations to handle most of the fights.

Combination 1: Black Adam, Regime Black Adam, Hawkgirl, the advantage of Hawkgirl is you can tag in faster, allowing you to better utilize Black Adam’s Lightning Shield. There are much better uses for Black Adam, but this is one of the more effective with Gold Black Adam.

Combination 2(Flexible): Doomsday with 2 of the following three: Arkham Harley Quinn, Insurgency Lex Luthor, Krypto Lex Luthor.

Combination 3: Darkseid with Lex Luthor, The…

20 Comments on Injustice Gods Among Us iOS Character Tips and Tricks Patch 2.0

  1. 3 wbid accounts, idr what one of my teams are though, but my other teams are

    The killing joke joker
    Boss solomon grundy
    And arkham origins batman
    Not in that order

    And my other is

    Wonder Woman
    And solomon grundy
    All red son

  2. A Great combo with a gold team I figure out is using Aquaman, Zod and any other gold u want or just silver GL if u wan but with Aquaman 2nd special is to bring an soldier to fight alongside with u till he dies, but aqua man will still live, but with Zod's effect that for each teammate knockout, he gains 20% more HP and DMG for Zod. So if the soldier gets knocked out, Zod will gain his effect so u can make Zod stronger with each Aquaman's soldiers death, which is something to tryout to experiment u know.

    BTW- Like this comment if u have ever did a special attack clash that when u and that opponent uses ur and his special attack at the same time, that could be a bug, but hey, something fun to see. Thnx and stay classy :3

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