Huawei P9 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

Huawei P9 vs iPhone 6S Speed Test Comparison.

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21 Comments on Huawei P9 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. i can't wait to hear call quality mentioned? not one video on you tube mentions call quality main reason these things existed and never gets mentioned and its one of the important things today keeping good signal.

  2. This wasnt good.
    You wasnt doing things at the same time.
    Sometime you were pressing the P9 1st and sometimes the Iphone 6s.
    It wasnt a proper speed test.
    The results are not conclusive. 

  3. I don't like your videos, because I hate when you hide your phone to put he password like nobody cares about your password. Just don't do It. It's annoying

  4. People really have no idea how to test the iPhone's multitasking. You have to wait longer! You saw mostly static screenshots. Wait until the app unfreezes itself and something moves, or try interacting with the screen (scrolling, clicking buttons), only then you can tell there's no refresh.

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