Huawei Mate 8 test: Will the iPhone 6S Plus be beaten by a Chinese rival 2/3 its price?

Huawei has released its new flagship phone in the form of the Mate 8 – and it comes with a 6-inch full HD screen and a fingerprint sensor on the back much like the Mate S.

But how will it stack up against one of the most popular market leading phablets – the iPhone 6S Plus? We pit them against each other in terms of battery, speed and camera.

Is it worth shelling out extra for the iPhone 6S Plus or can the Huawei give you everything you need?

37 Comments on Huawei Mate 8 test: Will the iPhone 6S Plus be beaten by a Chinese rival 2/3 its price?

  1. I have both phones , in the beginning I was very happy with Huawei and its battery but after usage I find out that is some games like skyforce there is lag and frames drop at heavy battle also the keyboard is not that good and the camera is decent but overall it's good phone but not to be compared to the iPhone ( at least till now )

  2. so… what cellphone is the best option to buy? today i´m going to change my cellphone right now i have an iphone 5c but i don´t know what´s the best iphone 6s plus or hwawei mate 8 🙁 help me to do the best option

  3. i like android more because you could personalize your phone however you want . you could put every ringtone you want in a second you can change the theme of the phone , you could change the launcher , the locker and many more. Speed boot test s irelevant. I have at home a nokia 3310 who could embarrass an Iphone at boot speed test

  4. Didn't look fair on the battery test, looks like the iPhone screen was way brighter. You should of lower both screen to its dimmest and then did the test.

  5. The Mate 8 is probably better value for money, if you can deal with the heavy skin. The battery is amazing. IPhone still faster overall, but only just.

  6. for me battery life is everything, iPhone 6 went down really fast. Not much difference in picture quality,iPhone seems to be a little better. What of the durability?rom? hard disk? Please help me compare. l always feel that Chinese products don't last for a long time, please someone should put wrong by comparing to iPhone 6. I like big phones maybe that why I like Huawei

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