HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Apple iPhone 5

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Now that Windows Phone 8 is finally here, we guess some users (not many, but some) will think about purchasing a WP8 handset. So, here we are, bringing you in-depth comparisons between the leading WP8 handsets and the iPhone, as well as the major Android handsets. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the HTC Windows Phone 8X stacks up against the iPhone 5. Both devices are pretty popular right now, so it will surely be interesting to see who’s going to come out on top once we’re done with them…

42 Comments on HTC Windows Phone 8X vs Apple iPhone 5

  1. yes, i know, im on my little sisters account, however, this is what i can say. No this guy was not hired to make the iphone look better, he is just a completely biased man towards the iphone, every last thing on the windows phone that was a tool or useful, he used as a downfall because it "took up space". Also, he used the lamest excuse ever for why the iphone's interface was "better" quote, "And, i just like the color of the icons on the iphone, even though the windows phone interface is much more useful, so this round goes to the iphone" Complete biased opinion, i have owned all iOS, Android, Windows, and Cyanogenmod devices, and i will say it all comes down to personal preferance. Android allows the basics, with a lot of third party apps and customizability, the iOS allows smooth, very basic performance, for a fuckton of money, Windows allows very many uses that are very, well, useful to a working human being, however lacking on the app store, and if you dont know cyanogenmod, but you know computing OS's, think of cyanogenmod as linux, with the most options, the most customizability, however its a little bit sketchy to use at times, not being the most trusted public OS. So in short terms, 1. Biased? Yes! 2. It all comes down to your personal preference, try things out

  2. I lost my iPhone 5s and my mum bought me an HTC Windows Phone 8X , now Im sad because I was infected with "apple syndrome" , this phone is cheap and I think its better than Apple expensive shit , now I regret that I spent my money on iPhones.

  3. The only thing I could say that I don't like about the Windows 8x is the appstore, and the fact that I don't think that there are any fashionable cases, and that when you play certain games, "bars" are on the left and right side of the screen, and also when you try to multitask for a while and come back to a game, the app restarts causing you to lose your game data which could be very irritating Hopefully they can fix those two problems, but I do love it's odd shape, it stands out. I'm only saying this so that it shows that I'm open to both phone notions. 

  4. I love how when you buy one Iphone, and your all happy, and you feel all upgraded, then another new comes out. I personally feel that every time a new Iphone/ Ipod is made, they always come skinnier and slimmer, and that's not always the best thing. Actually this could cause problems as in accidents happening with dropping the device. And having to buy new phones which could be better for the company, but not for the customers. Yes I understand that they use new and improved technology, and that a pro could be that this could increase extra space in your pocket but there is also another possibility that they can become more fragile and since we are all human, this could be harder to maintain it's physical state. And another of my opinions, I feel that the Windows 8x has a better camera because  noticed in the video that it had more color and showed less lag then the Iphone 5, of course I know this from experience, my mother has the Iphone 5, and I have the Windows 8x and after watching this video, I wanted to see for myself.  I also feel that the Iphone 5's home screen is more bland than the Windows 8x. Like he said in the video, all the Iphone 5's tiles do is stay still and look pretty, but on other hand, the Windows 8x's tiles move and that makes them pop out. It also depends on how you customize your phone, I feel that the color that he picked was a bit bland, for example teal would be a good one, and also you can customize your background and change it to a color that "wakes you up". Also, the durability has improved in the Windows 8x phone. So for my conclusion, I strongly and respectfully disagree, I feel that the Windows 8x is better than the Iphone5. 

  5. impossible. the htc 8x has a better dual core processor and a better front camera and the display pixel is almost the same as iphone 5. i hate how people just pick random things to choose whiich is better. for my opnion htc 8x is a little better.

  6. Well, this is laughable.
    Case design: iPhone has long, uncomfortable, sharp edges and is more fragile.
    Brightness: I have seen many HTC 8x phones, and the phone's brightness in this video is obviously not turned up all the way.
    OS appearance: you said it was a draw, and you said the thing going for the iPhone was its color. Also good to note that you have the HTC 8x on the single least colorful theme color.
    Horizontal keyboards: those three buttons on the 8x's menu include one for sending attached files, and are standardized across the entire OS. Don't see either of those features on the iPhone. Also, the 8x's keyboard is still at least the size of the iPhone's.
    Storage: the iPhone doesn't have an SD card slot either, ya know.
    Browsing: more frames? Whatever floats your boat. It's also notable that you can't use a flick gesture on the iPhone to scroll faster. Why would you want to lose your toolbar in browser landscape mode?
    Photos & video: Windows Phone 8's camera has tons of settings. If you don't like its exposure, sharpness, or contrast as you said in this video, change those. The iPhone doesn't offer such luxury (or such saturation).
    Sound & microphones: I've compared the two. HTC 8x wins, and it's about 3x as loud when both are at maximum volume. Only the 8x's speakers are positioned to reflect off surfaces under the phone. I've tested the quality of the iPhone's microphone. It was slightly worse, but you can't expect much out of cell phones anyway.
    The HTC 8x's battery has lasted almost a week, and my friends' iPhones run out an hour before school ends (after being charged the morning prior).
    So you're not going to include price in this rating? Oh, okay. Well, just in case someone forgets, the iPhone 5 is over 3 times as expensive as the 8x.

    Just the facts.

  7. duuuudeeeee you will nake me suicide, HTC or any any other phone has better camera than ANY IPHONE, they are shitt as you are and dont even know how to make a fucking review!!!!

  8. your reviews suck, you suck, your english sucks, everything about you sucks, and you should know that HTC 8X is quite better than the apple, and it doesn't cost a fortune…

  9. When the guy in this vid talked about the back cover for the windows phone I didn't really care how much dust it collected. The phone itself just needs to be durable so you won't waste all your money on a fragile phone and thats what I gostta say B)

  10. I've had both phones and worked with the android, ios, and windows operating systems. Personally I prefer android phones. They offer reliable performance and are full of features. When picking a phone, the operating system is very important. I only had my 8x for a month before returning it. The phone itself was solid. The camera and the speakers were amazing. The processing speed was fast. However the windows os sucked. If Windows improves this, it could be a game changer. The app store was pathetic. And can you believe that the 8x doesn't even have a built in count down timer? Really? Even my grandma's old flip phone has a timer. My point is the os limits the functionality of the phone to the point that it is almost frustrating. 

  11. the 8x beats the iphone by very little.. this is coming from an apple addict.. once they start developing more apps and working out some of the bugs.. iphone wont even be a competitor unfortunately. i have both so im not making shit up

  12. They have their own advantage and disadvantage. You can't really argue unless they both have identical specs and built quality. Which was not the case. Nevertheless they are both good looking phones.

    My new dream DYNAMIC DUO handsets.

  13. They have their own advantage and disadvantage. You can't really argue unless they both have identical specs and built quality. Which was not the case. Nevertheless they are both good looking phones.

    My new dream DYNAMIC DUO handsets.

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