HTC Titan Hardware Review

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The HTC Titan is indeed a large device thanks to its 4.7″ Super LCD WVGA panel. It’s only slightly larger in terms of width and height when compared to a similar 4.3″-screened device. The Titan is made from metal, glass, and plastic, granting it a high-quality feel. Relative to other phones, the Titan has a relatively low pixel density on the screen, at just 198 PPI. You can indeed see pixels, but most people won’t notice.


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  2. @TrickxRecords Yeah I have a 3GS and I'm upgrading and every reviewer has complained bout the resolution of the Titan and I'm like every time seriously I've got a 3GS and the resolution really isn't all too bad. Sure its bad in terms of todays smartphones but it still isn't bad. It just annoys me when they complain of the Titan's resolution and say that its a terrible resolution and PPI when its really not that bad.

  3. I actually don't like the Iphone 4 design it looks amazing, but a glass back seriously? They should add your accidental plan in the overall cos. the screen is too small too and I am just tired of iOS miniscule grids I am getting this when it comes to ATT I would have prefered a Nokia flavor but.. Such is life..

  4. since sprint doesnt seem to give a crap about WP7 were switching to AT&T.
    our last overpriced bill and craptastic service makes it worth paying the fee and switching.
    my god i want this phone more than the GSII!

  5. I love a phone thats Screen sticks out beyond the case so it can pick up all kinds of scratchs when I lay it down. NOT kind of cool. Also what happen to dock charging? I never had a problem finding my phone or having it die on me cause I use to come home and drop it in the dock charger.

  6. I don't like two things on the Titan. One it does not have a kick stand. For me that is a must. Two the charging usb connector is on the side. If the back camera is anywhere as good as the HD7. Than I wouldn't mine as much.I do like the new front camera. I will have to decide if its worth buying once I play with it a little bit. I may just stay with my HD7. Loving it!

  7. @heavenlydenied thats a good point actually. but I said that mostly considering Android, they have like a million phones out there with slightly different specs, but what pisses me off the most is the fact that HTC are one of the worst when it comes to screens; pixel density, colors depth, under the sun performance, and even digitizers of HTC are way below their own standards!

  8. Love everything EXCEPT the 16gb of memory, i really need 32. Hopefully there is an sd card slot under that plastic somewhere. (read up on htcs other wp7 devices before trolling me please)

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