HTC One X9 review (hands-on)

HTC One X9 review: Design

Design-wise, the One X9 bears more than a passing resemblance to the HTC One A9, which itself is a doppelganger of Apple’s current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. It has a metal unibody design, just like the One A9, and it’s also flat-backed, making it great for tapping out texts and emails when laid flat on a table or desk.

The finish is smooth under the finger and catches the light attractively, glittering very slightly when you tilt it, and it feels well put together. A brief look around the edges sees more hints of the A9’s design, with a similar ridged power button on the right-hand side.
It isn’t, however, as attractive as the A9. The first difference you’ll notice between the two – apart from the phone’s larger 5.5in display – is that the design isn’t quite as clean. HTC has brought back capacitive buttons for the back, home and recent apps functions, while most phones these days opt for soft keys and it gives the phone a slightly fussy…

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