HTC One X vs. iPhone 4S!

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Here’s a quick comparison between the HTC One X and the iPhone 4S.

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50 Comments on HTC One X vs. iPhone 4S!

  1. my HTC one x got water damaged in four weeks… Apparently because of condensation in my kitchen..? Not a great phone in my opinion, and really not that much more impressive than iPhone's. Definitely not as nice looking either in my opinion.

  2. good…? 50% of the games lag on it because most games cant utilize 4 cores… And when you use gaming booster apps 70% of the games lag so yeah, the phone sucks, DONT buy it. Seriously, GTA Vice City lags on it bit on my PSP with 0,3GHz it is lag free :p LOL @ HTC One X

  3. i have viper x on my htc one x- now my camera is weird? it's blurry.. it was the same with android revolution or something? it's the sense 4.1 camera.. it messes my camera up, any ideas?

  4. Which one would you recommend for me?
    I used facebook and twitter alot.
    i love playing games on phone
    text a lot
    i used the camera a lot, because i make YouTube videos
    And also one of the reasons i sold my last phone(sony xperia arc s) is because i didnt like the key pad that much, i always made mistakes because they were all so close together.

  5. I'm an Apple's iPhone fan…but i'm really disappointed to see that the iPhone design haven't changed since two years!!!!!!!!!
    We Want something new Apple we want new softwares!! Even the new iOS 6! Looks sucks! No new widgets on the Lockscreen except that big idiotic clock and the shitty slider…nothing new!! Apple sucks these days
    Like if you agree!!!

  6. I had a 4s but I dropped it 2 feet and it fucked up. So I got the tegra 3 one x and so far its way better the bigger screen is very good…people love my phone. Nd haha stay away from that icrap haha

  7. HTC not only competes with iphone.It also competes with other android phones.This one goes neck on neck with the galaxy SIII. Go check at&t's phone lineupnow.Compare it with the old days when we had to stick with the same iphone with a few updates.Android has made the cellphone market finally interesting. People now have lots of good phones to choose from. Gone are the days when everybody had the same phone filled with little squares. Apple must get used to that. Gee isn't open source beautiful?

  8. He's just saying all the stuff that's better in the HTC one x! And the reason the iPhone body hasn't changed because apple only changes the design of the phones every 3 years. HTC has like so many phones and they all have different bodies. The funny thing is that the reason they're making soo many phones it so it can compete with the iPhone. HTC is scared of the iPhone so they make like 100 phones just to try to make it better than the iPhone. If apple sucks, why does everyone compare their pho

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