HTC One vs iPhone 5

HTC One vs iPhone 5

When the iPhone 5 came out in September of last year—despite its lineage and similarity to the iPhone 4/4S—Apple still managed to impress us with its improved design. It was thinner, it was lighter, and it introduced Apple users to the 4-inch form factor. But that was six months ago, a lifetime in the tech world. The HTC One, an even more immaculate example of thoughtful engineering, is the new hottest thing. Rarely is a company in the same playing field as Apple when considering design. But the One: it matches and even surpasses Jony Ive’s most prized creation. If merely seeing pictures of the device doesn’t convince you, you’ll immediately get it as soon as you hold the One. Not to say Apple’s iPhone 5 pales in comparison, because it doesn’t, but there’s something about the One’s aluminum rear shell, curved back and incredible screen. MORE:

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  1. My super fast iPhone 5 ain't so super fast anymore. My phone lags in basic apps like SnapChat, also may the battery RIP. I had the phone for about 2 and a half years by now.

  2. I've been using my iphone 5 for years now and i still love it. I will buy the htc one m8 in december. Thanks for being my friend for years iphone 5. I love you

  3. I went from HTC one m7 to iPhone 5s gold. I really just bought the iPhone because I like small phones. I miss the HTC one m7 because siri is just plain stupid. I try to search things like places street names and etc… I ALWAYS have to search by typing it ! iPhone 5s also has annoying loud speakers that screech my ears while the HTC is loud but the sound is quality and doesn't pierce my ear. if you plan to use touchless controls to navigate, call, message, open apps, and email all you have to do is have the phone on and you can access Google by saying "ok Google". While the iphone, you have to ave it charging to do touchless control. Moto x is even more handy with its active listening. Why did I choose IPhone 5s? Because, everyone else had it at the time I guess and since everyone bought it there were a variety of cases. Other than that iPhone sucks ass! It just doesn't have Google by its side. One last thing, I hate it so much when I buy and iPhone charger and it says it's not an authorized cable and refused to charge my phone. I really have to buy from Apple only?!

  4. iPhones are great but all they are is a fashion statement, just like dre beats. You want one because everybody else has one. Anyone with intellect would choose android any day.

  5. i love my htc one whole lot better than iphone. apple sucks now specially iphone 6 and 6 plus. htc one better sound faster and fits perfect in your hand just hand, i had 5s and i hate it!!!! its worth the htc one with beats audio!!!!

  6. Had to change my htc one because the mute function would activate every time I was talking on the phone. Sometimes, the speaker would go on without me activating it, while I was speaking on the phone. Ouch, my ears! I chose the iphone 5s but am keeping my htc for media experience and camera.

  7. Omg! I Just switched from iphone 5s to htc one yesterday and all I can say is wow unbelievable why hadnt I made this switch before ? I know have a big beautiful HD screen, I can now set custom ringtones, add music and videos from anywhere without being locked to a 3rd party app itunes type bullshyt, I can set live vibrant wallpapers, I can now download torrents right on my phone from anywhere using my phones unlimited data with bittorent app ~Yify~  Im able to carry all my files on my phone and not require a usb stick I was able to download showbox to watch all the newest movies in hd quality, I can go on forever on the many privileges I now have. Htc android Ftw…

  8. I wanted to try the htc one, but in all honesty droid phones irritate me like crazy. Apps shut down etc and I don't download much on my phones. Freeze up and then it'll just turn off. This happens like 5-6 months after I've gotten the phone. The only thing I personally like bout the htc though is the audio cause I'm watching vids like crazy on youtube. I may get it but I'm still leaning more towards apple. Apple just better

  9. i have had the iphone since it first came out. i thought i was never going to leave it. loved the phone. didn't think i had any problems with it. but i noticed 2 things that kept bugging me. i love watching youtube videos. iphone sucks with audio. and i have big hands. i went in for an upgrade and then well. grabbed a htc one and well fell in love with it. 

  10. Sense 6 is amazing. Definitely the best smartphone UI I have used.. iOS 7 is boring and less user-friendly.. I owned iPhone 5 and my girlfriend still has iPhone 5.. iOS is probably more user-friendly for someone who has used iOS since 2007.. because it has barely changed since 2007, you don't have to learn new ways to do stuff. for me it was more cumbersome than the last 3 generations of sense UI.

    Sense has more shortcuts, less steps, more quick setting options, and the settings is much easier to understand, and way smaller, plusses everything that makes iOS easy to use is apparent in sense 6 also.. you need to install many apps on iOS just to get some basic features HTC phones has. The most important ones you never get on iOS. Like auto text reflow in browser (patented by HTC). 

  11. What phone should I get
    I like the simplicity and operating system of iphone, but I prefer the customization and features of the htc one
    What one should I get? 

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