HTC One vs. iPhone 5: Speedtest

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This is a comparison between the HTC One and the iPhone 5 in terms of speed and benchmarks. Which one is better?


24 Comments on HTC One vs. iPhone 5: Speedtest

  1. The speed etc is irrelevant in my opinion . iOS is flawless and the iPhone feels beautiful and extremely well built . I have had most phones since it's my business and the iPhone is by far the biggest seller and most who leave iOS for Android usually go back. . The iPhone does everything perfectly as does the HTC but the iPhone has the X factor the HTC does not yet manage to do . 

  2. The issue might be that the connection is @ 20-25mbs/s max for your router. That would resullt in a total speed of 20-25mbs/s for both phones, depending on ping/connection strength etc.

    Try running them by turn.

    Also, get a decent router and internet connection, my Iphone 5 pulls 80-95mb/s. at 10m from the router. I get higher speeds than that on 3G/HSDPA.

    Long story short, your speed test is irrelevant 😀

    No offence! :p Router and ISP just suck.

  3. I went back to the iPhone 5 after using the HTC one for 3 weeks. The putside build quality was good. But if you look through the ear phone jack you will see the low quality of the plastic used inside.

  4. The HTC one has faster wifi support. It has 802.11 ac and that is capable of handling 433MBPS. The iphone5 only has 802.11 N as it's fastest wifi and that only can handle 130MBPS.

  5. Benchmarks don't mean shit. Overall usage does. I see the Galaxy S4 scoring higher benchmarks than the HTC One and iPhone 5 and the phone still lags unlike these two.

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