HTC One vs iPhone 5 – Speed Test

The HTC One and the iPhone 5 are two of the best and most popular phones on the market. This test is to show the speed difference between the iPhone and HTC One in real world use. Benchmarks mean nothing when it comes to actually using a phone, so I show the difference between opening a variety of apps. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Jack Frost on YT for the video suggestion!


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30 Comments on HTC One vs iPhone 5 – Speed Test

  1. You shouldn't be making technical comparison videos if you aren't even smart enough to close out all apps and clear cache data when doing comparisons…

  2. Piss off must have full battery on both devices..
    It can't be real that the iphone 5 smacks down so easily the htc one..
    I have the Lg optimus 4x hd and i compared it to my girlfriend's iphone 5 and they go almost with the same speed..
    And the htc one, a faster phone than the lg 4x, is losing that easily?
    It's not fair and you have to charge fully both devices and then retry your test.

  3. Honestly, i am both an apple and a droid fan (equally). I think that yes, there will never be a truly equal test unless everything was exactly the same, but given that they're different, it cant truly happen. I do agree that battery & functions like bluetooth can affect performance, so in that sense, it wasnt quite fair. My thought is, does being a half second behind when loading different applications really matter? I think both are truly great & id buy either in a second. Its all preference.

  4. Ive seen a jailbroken iphone load things faster than the htc one so that may or may not affect its performance. I think overall it depends on what you did with the phone after it was altered.

  5. Thanks for this video … can you do speed test for (htc contact + iphone 5 contact and S3 contact ) Please because when I open s3 contacts its slower I want to see which one more open contact fast thanks again

  6. why differentiate on 3rd party apps? it all depend on developer. try check their built in app like camera load browsing on ios opera gallery and such things.

  7. Ok, it's VERY sad that a JAILBROKEN iPhone 5 is only half a second slower than an HTC One that effectively has Double the specs. Android is SO un-optimized its not even funny.

  8. Btw nice trick mate Iphone battery almost full and HTC One almost down… Every phone runs slower when the battery is low! You know why? That´s because the phone tries to save the battery.. I have one x and with new update 4.2.2 and sense 5 opens chrome much faster then you showed!

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