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HTC’s latest -and largest- device is here, and we’ve got some opinions to share! Click ahead for Pocketnow’s video review of the biggest phablet on the block, and stay tuned for our usual array of comparison videos, coming very soon.

Games displayed in Test Notes: Asphalt 8, Sparkle 2.


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25 Comments on HTC One max review

  1. Galaxy note 3 is better i got one on amazon for $280 (used like new condidtion) but
    -Full 180p hd 5.7 inch screen with 326 ppi which is great when movies and playing games
    -S pen is awsome i use it sometimes like when i have important information to write down or sometimes i just like to draw
    -The camera is one of the best ive come across 13 mp on the back. 5 mp on the front it had alot of features such as golf mode, slow motion, selfie mode and many more

  2. I just got the HTC one max , and I love it !! This is my first android , and it has exceeded my expectations !! I've been Apple all my life , I had the Apple iPhone 5c , and I have to say , I love this phone WAY BETTER !! It had some stuff I wish Apple had , and Apple has some stuff I wish this phone had , but over all , I love this phone WAY BETTER !! 

  3. Nearly 2 years later, I have decided to buy this one.
    I use my phone mainly for YouTube and music. BoomSound and the 6 inch display is enough for me. Considering they're as old as they are, we're talking dirt cheap.

  4. i have the phone and am pretty satisfied with what this phone made of or it software the size of the screen helps me a lot when using remote desktop apps or playing games sadly i heard htc stopped making more of it but who cares i got mine XD and there are no updates to android 5.0 always the good things has to stop

  5. this is an amazing phone/tablet….the fingerprint security feature is great. i had several coworkers try to get into it without success. the front facing speakers are awesome to a musichead like me. its going to take an extraordinary device to get me to move off this phablet.

  6. From my understanding, ultrapixels are actually 2x megapixels.
    So 4up would be 8mp.

    Also, I don't understand why the Max has to be so much larger than the Note 4.
    The screens are only .2" difference.
    All that added bulk just seems completely unnecessary.
    Though, I do have to say that I like the weight of the phone.
    I've always preferred having a little bit of weight to my phones. I think weight gives them a more premium feel, and it makes them less likely to go flying out of your hand. lol 

  7. htc one max is amazing the quality of sound is just as good as bose speakers its speakers are very loud when I plug in my beats earphonest volume to the max will blast your ear drums just no word for this beauty!

  8. this phone is for people who consume a lot of media through their phones and want a huge screen, but don't want a tablet. its on my short list of possible upgrades, along with the note 3 and the LG g3. Cannot decide! some sort of hybrid of all three would be perfect.

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