HTC One M9 vs M8: Hands-On Comparison from MWC 2015

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The HTC One M9 bears a striking resemblance to the One M8 that preceded it by a year – but HTC has made plenty of changes beneath the surface. Join us for a quick One M9 vs One M8 comparison!


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20 Comments on HTC One M9 vs M8: Hands-On Comparison from MWC 2015

  1. They both have very subtle tweaks that made them not so different from one another. However, they both are known for their shitty camera. If I were you, I'd go with the M8. The M9's camera is terrible because your pictures will be extremely dark.

  2. look the same – weights the same – size the same = lol what the hell….. m7 was great phone m8 was disappointment m9? i won't even bother to buy m9 i guess i will try iphone this time

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