HTC ONE M9 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test + Benchmarks

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Running a detailed Speedtest and Benchmark test between the HTC ONE M9 and the iPhone 6 Plus.
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26 Comments on HTC ONE M9 vs iPhone 6 Plus – Speed Test + Benchmarks

  1. The apps in the play store are not optimized to the new qsd810. It's a nice video but I think the m8 ist faster than the m9 in app performance. And that means we have to wait a little time until the m9 can show us his full power. 

  2. Como sempre ponho em pauta: especificações nem sempre são suficientes. iPhone, o "pobre coitado" dual-core é mais rápido que o "poderoso" dual-core M9.
    Não se apegue em especificações, amiguinhos.

  3. Wait until you've had the m9 for a while and add apps .. Watch how it'll slow down even more.. Kinda thinking the s6 will be the first android phone that will still keep its speed 

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