HTC One M9 Specs, Sony smartglasses, AT&T matches Google Fiber – P2P Show

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[THE MIC WAS MESSED UP – APOLOGIES!] Our weekly livestream, the P2P Show, goes live! We’ll be streaming live on Twitch every Tuesday at 4pm.

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Today’s topics:
AT&T to match Google Fiber speeds and price in Kansas – 2:06
Sony augmented reality glasses – 7:09
HTC One M9 specs confirmed – 12:22
Google Project Zero gives 14 day “grace period” – 15:47
Mars 100 selected – 22:04
Xiaomi used crabs and lobster to test durability of the Mi 4 phone – 27:23
Apple making VR head mounted display for iPhones – 29:30
Bethesda parent company Zenimax threatens Captain Sparklez game “Fortress Fallout” over name – 30:43
Tweeting Round – 33:50

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43 Comments on HTC One M9 Specs, Sony smartglasses, AT&T matches Google Fiber – P2P Show

  1. Not to dis your new Tuesday tech news style, because I do like this new way of getting the tech news, But why did you decide to call it P2P? Why not just T.V.? Not as in television, but as in Tech Vlog. I  just think it would be both neat and coincidentally hilarious. 

  2. I currently live in a Kansas City suburb 1mile outside of Google Fiber, Time Warner is the other side of town, and I'm sure AT&T is out of the question. I'm currently stuck with Comcast/Xfinity for Internet at home which wouldn't be horrible but the "signal strength"(their words) is weak in my neighborhood. It's not like I live in a low-income neighborhood either. The street I live on has homes ranging from $175,000 to $650,000 that's about 1/2mi long. While that's not super rich, you'd think we could afford better connection speeds.

    Xfinity has finally made efforts to make it better recently(after years of promise), but I still get slowdown on my 4g devices if I switch over to wifi at home. I'm so close to fast internet it hurts lol. Maybe I just need to move.

  3. Epson already has the Moverio $699 where you can record and view the real world at the same time. Even shows your altitude specs on the glasses from your DJI Phantom Quadcopter.

  4. id like to see you guys setup the scene for netlink daily and do as per normal, then put in a little sponsor video and move over to your seats or where ever you wish to get comfortable then do the other 40min live stream. i think a lot of people would much prefer that. 

  5. Wasn't it promised before that the first five minutes would sum up the news with everything after that being more in-depth discussion on said news? I'd be fine with that. That isn't what I'm seeing, though.

  6. If you guys are dead set on the live stream thing put some time into sorting out your setup first, most people don't want it so you have to sell us on it which so far you are doing a bad job of.

  7. I understand that you guys want to try out the live stream thing, but is it possible for you to do a normal episode every weekday, and then on Tuesdays you have a separate live stream in which you expand on the tech news, discuss it, and other shenanigans.

  8. I don't want the stream and I think there's a lot of other people who don't want it either. If for some reason you don't listen to your viewers and don't go back to regular Netlinked, at least get it together with the stream.

  9. shudders has his ear bleeds Audio quality is terrible, needs pacing, less goofyness – drags on for too long, Audio check ffs, Do not scream when your setup is poor quality / NOT TESTED. Quality check everything, script / plan create pacing.

    ( I watch linus all the time do it but you guys are too goofy for me..)

  10. Hey ncix I really love your service and everything else that come with buying on your website but I think the interface of the website is kind of messed up/ not user friendly. Well I really like website like newegg for their interface but their service isn't really great, Thank you guys and I hope you will chek this out

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